The Japanese girl who caused a stir was considered as beautiful as a goddess thanks to her photos of her going to the World Cup

Shono – drummer of the girl band PARADOXX in Japan has created a “fever” at the World Cup 2022.

After Shono’s picture was taken at the stadium while going to see World Cup 2022 was posted on Instagram and the number of fans following this girl on her personal page increased rapidly. from about 20,000 people to over 100,000 people.

A TV channel in Korea broadcast Shono’s image for just a few seconds, attracting everyone’s attention. At this time, Shono was wearing jeans and the home team’s jersey and holding the Japanese flag, smiling brightly and raising his hand to create a V shape.

Many people praised his charisma and physique. Shono’s sexy and attractive figure. Some people even commented that Shono looks as beautiful as “a goddess”.

The keyword information about Shono is also of interest to many searchers. On Shono’s personal page, posts about her photos in Qatar always receive a large amount of love and interaction.

Becoming famous thanks to just a few moments on the stadium made the female artist seem quite surprised. Shono gives thanks to those who love her and often shares daily photos from her days in Qatar watching World Cup matches.

Shono has had a passion for football since he was a child (Photo: Yahoo).

Shono was born on August 10, 1994 in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka province, Japan. She previously attended Hamamatsu High School. Currently, Shono is a member of a girl band and a model.

Shono is 1m62 tall, has measurements of 85-58-83, has a slim figure and weighs about 45kg. Shono is currently single. In addition to his passion for art, Shono is also a fan of football and often cheers for Japanese national team players at major football tournaments.

Ever since he was in elementary school, Shono has been taught by his father. Her mother took her to the stadium even though at that time she did not fully understand the rules of soccer.