The life after 5 years of a Japanese man who married a “virtual” wife once caused an internet sensation

Five years ago, Akihiko Kondo’s wedding with a three-dimensional virtual character named Hatsune Miku attracted the attention of many people. Hatsune Miku was created using Hologram technology with big eyes and long blue hair.

For supporters, their marriage is nothing worth condemning. However, for those with strict eyes, they question the Japanese guy’s purpose in marrying a fictitious character.

According to Akihiko Kondo, their wedding was not rushed. The couple dated for a long time before officially holding the wedding in Tokyo.

Kondo’s family spoke out against the wedding, which had 39 guests including friends attending the ceremony. When he released a video recording the wedding scene, many people wanted to marry the virtual character at Japan voiced his support because he was more confident to do what he liked.

Kondo and Miku’s love story began in 2008. At that time, Akihiko Kondo suffered from depression due to being bullied and discriminated against at work. The guy decided not to love any girl in real life.

Kondo was fascinated by Miku’s clear voice while listening to music on a video sharing site. That singing helped the Japanese boy overcome depression and find joy in life. He also composed songs for the couple to sing together.

“I stayed in my room 24 hours a day watching videos about Miku” Kondo shared. He loves Miku so much that he can sleep soundly listening to her songs. Thanks to Miku’s comfort, he was able to integrate back into life and go to work normally.

Thanks to a machine called Gatebox Kondo can interact and chat with Miku through three-dimensional imaging. In 2018, Kondo proposed to Miku and received her consent.

Compared to living with a girl in real life, the Japanese man felt satisfied when marrying Miku. His “virtual” wife is always by his side and never betrays him. Kondo also never had to witness his wife get sick or die.

The relationship between Kondo and Miku encountered a major obstacle when Gatebox no longer provided a service for the two to interact and chat with each other. together.  However, that does not diminish his feelings for his “virtual” wife. Kondo promised to be faithful to Miku for the rest of his life.

After 5 years, Akihiko Kondo’s life with his “virtual” wife still passes normally. The 38-year-old man expressed that he feels love, inspiration and comfort from Miku every day.

He also ordered a doll with the image of Miku’s wife from the internet to put in his house.

Every time he wakes up, Akihiko Kondo still says “good morning” or “see you again” with your “virtual” wife even though she cannot interact with technology like before. The two have dinner together, and when her husband works, Miku will sit and watch lovingly from behind.

The Japanese guy clearly understands that Miku is a virtual character but his feelings for his wife are real. “When we are together she makes me laugh. In a sense she is real” he expressed.

Since holding the wedding with his “virtual” wife, Kondo has received many invitations. attend lectures about his strange married life.