The management board of 16/9 Ky Dong apartment building thanks Dan Tri newspaper!

Since December 22, 2016, Dan Tri newspaper has published a series of investigative articles “HCMC: Residents of Ky Dong apartment complex fear the risk of fire and explosion from the parking lot”. This series of articles reflects the illegal occupation of the parking lot at 16/9 Ky Dong apartment building. Even though the parking lot contract ended in 2013, Mr. Phuc – the contractor still refused to return the parking lot to the apartment building, leading to a long dispute.

Parking lot This also repeatedly violated fire safety regulations, making residents worried. After a series of investigations, the local government actively resolved, asking Mr. Phuc to return the parking lot to the apartment building.

On May 14, the Management Board of 16/9 Ky Dong Apartment Building signed There was a thank you letter sent to Dan Tri newspaper for intervening to help the residents of the apartment building.

In the letter, it was written: “In recent months, our apartment complex has had a dispute over the legal rights of residents. residents and the apartment parking attendant, including issues related to the local government. We receive the attention of the editorial office in reflecting the opinions of the residents and the apartment management board on violations in prevention work. fire fighting on the garage door as well as interviews with local leaders in Dan Tri electronic newspaper helped residents get their garage back to hand over to a professional company to keep cars for the apartment complex.

“We look forward to receiving more attention in the near future so that we can build a civilized solidarity apartment complex. We would like to sincerely thank the Dan Tri journalists for not being afraid of difficulties and efforts to help residents of 16/9 Ky Dong apartment building.

Trung Phuong