The method of using “Puzzle Pieces” is a good way of teaching

From the above situation, with the enthusiasm of a long-time lecturer, I have the opportunity to participate in the training sessions “Innovating teaching methods in a positive direction” of Organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, I boldly use many teaching methods in the modules I teach such as group discussion method, project teaching method, method of guiding students to self-study, self-study, etc., and most recently I Using the Puzzle Pieces Technique in teaching. I find that when using this technique, the teaching lesson becomes more interesting and the learners voluntarily brainstorm and do not passively absorb knowledge.

The Puzzle Pieces Technique is a collaborative teaching technique that combines individuals and groups and links between groups to solve a complex task, stimulating active participation as well as such as enhancing the role of individuals in the collaborative process.

 How to proceed:      

Round 1 : Expert group

The class will be divided into groups (about 3-6 people). Each group is assigned a task with different learning content. For example:

+ Group 1: Task A                                

+ Group 2: Tasks B

+ Group 3: Task C

Each individual works independently for a few minutes thinking about the topic question and recording his or her ideas. .

When discussing in groups, make sure each member in each group pays Answer all questions in the assigned task and become an expert in the field studied and be able to present the group’s answers in round 2.

The method of using "Puzzle Pieces" is a good way of teaching

Round 2: Group of puzzle pieces

Form a new group of about 3-6 people (including 1-2 people from group 1; 1-2 from group 2; 1-2 people from group 3…)called the puzzle piece group.

The questions and answers of round 1 are fully shared with each other by new group members.

When every member of the new group understands all the content in round 1, new tasks will be assigned to the groups to solve (note that this new task must be associated with knowledge gained in round 1)

New groups perform the presentation task present and share results.

 Some notes When organizing teaching according to the puzzle pieces technique:

Ø     Make sure the pieces of information put together can be understood get a comprehensive picture of a problem and is the basis for solving a complex task in round 2.

Ø      Experts in round 1 may have different levels, so it is necessary to identify timely support factors so that all experts can complete the tasks in round 1 to prepare for round 2.

The number of puzzle pieces should not be too large to ensure that members can pass on knowledge to each other.

Ø      The characteristics of the new task in round 2 is a complex task and can only be solved on the basis of mastering the knowledge gained in round 1. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly identify the necessary elements of information knowledge, skills… as well as the necessary supporting elements to solve the problem. this complex task.

To improve the self-study ability of students, creating a team of independent and creative future teachers. During the teaching process, teachers must be more dynamic and know how to combine many methods:

Ø     Before going to class, the lecturer must introduce the students first. Write down some documents related to the subjects you teach so that students have time to search and research on their own.

Ø      The above time period The teacher assigns each group of students a certain topic to research carefully. Each group of students will discuss and find the content requested by the lecturer. This method helps students train themselves to self-study and be confident when presenting a problem in front of a crowd.

Ø      When students are well prepared with learning materials and lesson content, using the puzzle piece technique is the final step so that students have the opportunity to express their opinions and everyone can participate. on the content of the lesson or an issue raised by the instructor. On the lecturer’s side,   , during the process of using the puzzle pieces, they must spend time watching students discuss in groups and present the results. have the opportunity to communicate directly with teachers and be aware that you work seriously.

Student comments :


Recently, I was assigned to teach 10 lessons in the Natural-Society Teaching Methods section (Geography Section) for class K14 TH1 I used a combination of methods such as conversation, problem raising, group discussion, self-study of documents, and puzzle piece techniques. After finishing 10 lessons, I sent 40 students of class K14TH1 a question about “Children’s feelings about the lecturer when providing knowledge, using teaching methods and classroom attitude”. Thach Thi Hong Phuc said: When she uses the puzzle pieces technique, we not only absorb knowledge and experience from her but can learn and exchange additional knowledge and experience from friends. Huynh Hong Thanh Tam “She uses the puzzle pieces method, which has the advantage of creating conditions for each learner to fully absorb all lesson content, saving time while the learner fully absorbs knowledge and easy to understand. The positive attitude of the teacher has contributed to influencing the learners, so that the learners also actively participate in the lesson. Tang Thi NaRunl “She uses many methods such as group discussion, self-study, and puzzle pieces to make the class lively. Students can understand and master the lesson right in class. Students have the opportunity to exchange knowledge with their peers and learn from each other.” .I am very pleased and happy because all 40 students have the same opinion that using the puzzle piece technique makes the class more interesting, the class is lively and works effectively, helping them understand knowledge quickly. quickly.

From basic research theory of teaching methods. I have participated in training courses to innovate teaching methods and have used many active teaching methods. I think that classroom teachers must know how to combine many factors such as having broad knowledge, having Enthusiastic about the cause of education, skillfully using teaching methods and having an enthusiastic attitude that always cares about learners. In addition to the factors just mentioned, educational management should pay attention to the number of students in a class, the amount of knowledge for a module, and the appropriate assessment and examination, then innovating teaching methods will bring good results. more.

                                                                     Lecturer Tran Thi My Dung  


LTS Dan Tri – The above article shows the results of applying a combination of many teaching methods, especially the “puzzle pieces” technique. in lessons on natural-social teaching methods (Geography section). That success stems from choosing the right method for the subject as well as the right target audience, university students.

Students’ feedback shows that new methods help them feel interested in proactively researching for material. to have the knowledge to contribute ideas in the group and at the same time exchange ideas with friends as well as the teacher (in both rounds 1 and 2) so you can master the lesson knowledge.

That is the result of the elaborate preparation process of both teachers and students. But this is not a “universal method” that can be applied to all subjects and all subjects