The moment the sun is in me

The hustle and bustle of life can make many of us not pay attention to the inherent things of creation. Things that were originally normal are now somewhat blurred with the development of modern life. But if you stop for a moment to quietly look, surely somewhere in this life there are many poetic things. And the moment the sun rises and then disappears behind the mountains is also worth admiring.

The pure, shimmering sunlight of dawn signals a new day full of life. begin. That’s when the sunlight began to shine, filtering through the trees and leaves. That gentle, somewhat weak sunlight brings vitality to human life.

And when the sun gradually disappears into the mountain top, flocks of tired birds begin to seek shelter. It is also the time when people are busy with dinner. Humans and nature blend together to create a strangely fitting combination.

And let’s admire the beauty of sunrise and sunset with Dan Tri.