The mystery of omens in dreams

Why can dreams transcend time and space? Until now, there has been no reasonable explanation.

August 29, 1893 in America, newspaper reporter Samson After finishing his work, he lay down on the sofa and fell asleep. When he woke up 7 hours later, he still clearly remembered what happened in the dream. He sat down at his desk and wrote it all down: the mountain Krakatoa fire erupted near Java island, lava and mud rocks swept a group of people out to sea… Samson finished writing and conveniently wrote down the two words “important” and left.

The next day the editor-in-chief came to see an article on Samson’s desk claiming that he had When he received the news last night, he immediately posted it in the “urgent news” section. Dozens of newspapers also published it. Because it was false news, public opinion was fierce and Samson lost his job.

However, just a few days later Krakatoa volcano was indeed very active . Many people died in this eruption. Samson’s scary dream comes true. Such a random event still has no satisfactory explanation.

There are many such dream stories in the world. US President Kennedy dreamed that he was assassinated. Indeed, he was murdered on November 22, 1963.

On March 3, 1974, in the suburbs of Paris, a DC-10 plane of Turkish Airlines crashed. 346 people died. Before this incident, a female American citizen, Robins, knew about the incident. On February 16, she dreamed about that and predicted, “The DC-10 plane to London will crash in March or May, several hundred people will die and no one will escape.”

On February 24, she had a clear dream: an airplane. from Paris to London… the accident happened in the forest… it happened in a week. Robins’s prediction was recorded and sent to the aviation department by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Unfortunately, people did not take precautions so accidents still happened.

On the contrary, many dreams have helped to promptly change plans, thus reducing losses and casualties. For example, a hospital director dreamed that after 1972 a plane would crash next to his hospital. He took precautions. On February 7, 1973, a jet fighter crashed right next to his office. Because timely emergency measures were taken, the number of casualties was significantly reduced. 

Modern science is deeply studying dreams and has discovered the functions of suggestive and structural associations. its creation. Some scientists have studied the ability to convey information in depth, and research on this aspect will be able to explain the phenomenon of suggestion. But to explain the phenomenon of dreaming is still unconvincing. Why can dreams transcend time and space? So far, no reasonable explanation has been found.

Tuan Nguyen