The obese girl who was only size XXXXL transformed into a hot girl

Alysha as a chubby girl

21-year-old Alysha NcNair fell into a state of uncontrolled weight gain while spending up to 60 pounds (more than 15 million) a day because of her addiction. fast food – sometimes she eats up to 5 different fast food dishes in just 1 meal.

She absorbs thousands of calories every day, double the average calorie intake of a normal person. That is also the reason why Alysha has to wear size XXXXL clothes and is stuck in a vicious cycle: she is obese and is bullied and does not want to leave the house.

The fattest moment Alysha McNair got heavier 27 stone
“I’ve been overweight since I was a teenager and after being horribly bullied for it I know it’s not easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel tunnel. I even dropped out of school at the age of 14 because I was bullied to the point that I no longer believed I was beautiful and was never invited out with my peers.

At my fattest, I was the heaviest. to 27 stone (172 kg) and felt so ashamed of herself that she hardly went out. I spent up to four hours doing makeup trying to feel better about myself, but nothing worked,” Alysha said.

She has lost half of her body weight through exercise and giving up fast food.

The girl admitted that back then she ate “emotionally” and this caused her weight to increase significantly. Alysha became addicted to fast food and often visited 5 different fast food restaurants just to complete 1 meal. She couldn’t even adhere to any diet.

It wasn’t until one day at the age of 17 that Alysha choked while drinking a carbonated drink and tried to regain her breath that she realized I will either die or have to change. Alysha immediately went to a gym in the fast food cutting area and started working out. Since then, her weight has gradually decreased.

Alysha is now a person who works hard to exercise and encourages people to change
“I Start walking more and plan your meals in advance instead of relying entirely on fast food. My mother was really worried that I would die young because of my weight. I was so happy when my diet and exercise changes started paying off,” Alysha said.
From an obese girl Alysha is determined to become become a fitness trainer