The “old man” bookstore has no home, no money, and no family

Field book store”

“There are still a lot of books to read while traveling in the car” Mr. Tran Minh Quang (94 years old) said happily when he saw someone there. look at the stack of old books neatly stacked on a tarpaulin on the sidewalk.

Afraid that customers cannot find the book they like, the tool slowly introduces each book one by one. His stall has a variety of genres, from comics to novels to foreign dictionaries to old textbooks… Most of these books are brought to him by people, only a few he buys.

Get a pile of books. The books in the small box were just brought in this morning. The owner carefully looked at each book cover and began sorting them.

“Instead of selling used bottles for just a few dollars, people often bring old books, newspapers, and magazines to them. “Mr. Quang said.

Every day at 7:00 a.m. Quang himself rides his old bicycle next to an elementary school on Lam Van Ben Street (District 7) to sell books until 11:00 a.m. when he delivers the goods.

Without a sign, his bookstore is lovingly called the “field” bookstore. Because there were no tall bookshelves, the owner stacked old books neatly on makeshift tarpaulins on the sidewalk.

He jokingly called out the old cart set up next to the school fence. is a book “warehouse” that stores all the books he has. Every time he finishes selling, he will meticulously put each book into a cart and cover it tightly with a tarpaulin to protect it from wind and rain.

“I’m old so I can’t just ride a bike every day carrying stacks of books. I keep so many books in this car. It’s my entire fortune so I lock it very carefully,” Mr. Quang said half jokingly.

Talking about the job of selling books Mr. Quang said his income was quite unstable. Every day he sells from a few tens of thousands to a hundred thousand dong, but there are days when he has to go home empty-handed.

“Books are friends and comfort in old age…”

Mr. Quang said that more than 20 years ago, he came from Dong Nai to Ho Chi Minh City to start a business. He had tried many jobs and had experienced many bitter and sweet things in life. In 2005, at the age of 76, he “fell in love” with the job of selling used books.

Every time he has free time, he often sits and reads books or rearranges them ” warehouse” (Photo: Binh Minh).

“Selling books is simple, no cooking or cleaning required, suitable for an old man like me. Sometimes when I have free time, I can read a lot of books,” Mr. Quang said about the reason he has stuck with the profession until now.

For him, everyone has the right to read books and should read a lot of books. So many Sometimes he generously allows customers to exchange one book for another at a cheap price or even give more books to those who buy a lot.

“I sell but they give me as much as they want,” Mr. Quang said with a smile.

p>At the age of nearly 100, he should have been able to enjoy his old age with his children and grandchildren, but Mr. Quang was not lucky enough to have that. He also had a family with a wife and children, but after many incidents when his children gradually grew up, he had a life Living alone, no one cares about him anymore.

Alone in this city, it seems like he no longer expected much for himself. “At this age, I only hope that when I die, there will be someone to take care of my funeral,” Mr. Quang said sadly.

Even though he was sad for his miserable and lonely fate, he also secretly Grateful for good health. Even though he is over 90, he admits that he is still alert and his eyes are still “good”. Thanks to that, Mr. Quang makes friends with books every day, taking them as joy and consolation in his old age.

Binh Minh