The photo of a soldier carrying his lover caused a storm and ended a stormy 7-year love story

The photo caused a storm on social networks 3 years ago

On December 12, social networks shared a beautiful love story between a Hung Yen girl and the following soldier. almost 7 years. It is known that the two main characters are Vu Thuy Trang (26 years old) and Dang Ngoc Son (24 years old, from the same hometown of Hung Yen).

In 2020, the photo was taken of Son recently discharged from the army, looking happy. The act of carrying your lover in the back holding a bouquet of flowers has spread throughout social networks. Since then, this image has been posted on social networking sites every year on the occasion of soldiers demobilizing and returning home to celebrate Tet.

No one knows that that love lasted 6 years and 10 months and ending with an upcoming wedding” article on social network.

The image caused a storm on social networks when Son happily drove his lover home after being discharged from the army

Trang tells of a photo accidentally taken by a friend of Son’s on the day he left the army – January 13, 2020 at Van Giang District Police (Hung Yen).

“At the farewell It was crowded when I went to the army, but on the day I returned, there were only a few people who came to welcome me. “There were soldiers who took the bus home by themselves and no one came to welcome them,” Trang recalled.

Before the day of deployment, Son called Trang, happy and excited. She waited outside the gate, nervously pointing. Looking forward to meeting her lover soon. The moment he stepped out wearing a peace shirt holding two emulation soldier certificates, Trang knew that the two-year wait had not been in vain.

On social networks Many people expressed their admiration for the love journey of Trang and Son and sent congratulations to the couple.

“Congratulations to the boy who loves the right person and the girl who did not wait in vain” account Phuong Anh Binh essay.

“Love and a picturesque ending. If you love the right person, you won’t regret it for a long time. Wishing you both a hundred years of happiness” Nguyen Thu Huyen shared.

A 7-year journey overcoming all the storms

Trang and Son met by chance. each other at a close friend’s wedding at the end of 2016. A year later, the two officially fell in love.

Love just blossomed in March 2018. Son received orders to leave for military service. The army is near Hanoi, 20km from home.

“Before joining the army, I was very hesitant because many people teased me, “If I go, I will lose my lover.” “I was extremely worried,” the young man recalled.

Meanwhile, Trang believed that love was a matter of fate, only thinking that when Son was old enough, he would go to the army early and then return early and also to try it out. challenging both of their feelings.

“Two years is not a short time for us to mentally prepare” Trang said.

Every weekend she takes the opportunity to ride her motorbike to visit her lover. When they miss each other, Son often goes to the canteen to borrow phone called to ask about his girlfriend. Every time he has leave, he takes the bus home.

“Distance and time make many couples like us not persevere and give up” Trang said that although she felt sorry for herself, she encouraged herself. I believe in my boyfriend’s sincere feelings.

At the end of Son’s service period, he returned and the couple planned to debut family on both sides. What they didn’t expect was that Trang’s parents objected because of the couple’s age difference, saying Son was young and immature and had no career yet.

To prove their love for Trang Son Please make aluminum and glass for a private factory. He often traveled to help his lover’s family with many things, gradually making her parents change their minds and agree to marry their daughter.

However, when the two were planning to get married, the Covid-19 epidemic broke out. Postponed release until now.

“Love each other despite difficulties Please join me in trying! I won’t let you suffer, I say I can do it, believe me. “I agree.” Son proposed to his girlfriend.

Trang’s nod ended a 7-year love story and opened a wedding in Hung Yen at the end of December.

“The most cherished thing is that we always hold hands and accompany each other through difficult times, happy and sad, and receive the consent and blessings of both families,” Trang said.