The salary table for civil servants and public employees applies before the time of salary reform

According to Resolution 104/2023/QH15 on state budget estimates for 2024, from July 1, it will be implemented wage reform.

Like So before this time (from January 1 to June 30), civil servants’ salaries are still calculated according to current regulations based on base salary and salary coefficient.

Specific formula for calculation salary as follows: Salary = Salary coefficient x Base salary

Salary coefficient is based on Decree 204/2004/ND-CP and the base salary is 18 million VND/month based on Decree 24/2023/ND-CP.

Senior expert salary schedule

Salary table for senior experts applies to subjects who do not hold leadership positions (elected for appointment) in the fields of politics, administration, economics, science – technology, education, health, culture – arts.

Salary table of civil servants</ strong>

According to this salary table, the lowest civil servant salary is 243 million VND/month and the highest civil servant salary is 144 million VND/month (corresponding to the salary coefficient of 8.00 for civil servants type A3 group 1).

Officer salary table

According to the above salary table of public employees The lowest is 27 million VND/month (corresponding to coefficient 1.50) and the highest is 144 million VND (corresponding to coefficient 8.00).

There will be New salary table by job position from July 1

According to Resolution 27, when implementing salary reform from July 1, 2024, a payroll system will be developed and issued. new job positions, titles and leadership positions, replacing the current payroll system; Convert old salary to new salary ensuring it is not lower than current salary, including:

Developing a position salary table applicable to civil servants and public employees holding leadership positions (election and appointment) in the political system from the Central to the commune level.

Develop a professional salary table according to civil servant ranks and professional titles of civil servants, applicable generally to civil servants and public employees who do not hold positions. leader; Each civil servant professional title has many salary levels.

Develop 3 salary tables for the armed forces including: 1 salary table for military officers, non-commissioned officers, professional police officers (by position) position and military rank or rank); 1 salary table for professional military personnel, technical police, and 1 salary table for defense workers and police workers (which maintains the salary ratio of the armed forces compared to the current salary of administrative civil servants).