The screams of an abused 8-year-old girl and the terrifying silence

The tragic and shocking death of an 8-year-old girl in an apartment building in Saigon not only warns of the increasing violence against children, but also raises a big question about the responsibility of fathers. , motherhood as well as the role of organizations… in protecting children.

Many people could not read all the news about the story of a little girl being abused to death by her stepmother. because of its cruel and barbaric nature. But the obsession of the screams behind the apartment wall, the neighbors’ worries when witnessing the little girl’s daily abuse, and the stepmother’s violent anger on the innocent child remain forever. That is a shame in the “insensitive, irrelevant” time when people just stood by and watched or did not intervene in time.

Until the residents there lit incense sticks to commemorate the deceased. passed away, many people secretly wish: “If only”… If only when he heard his sister cry, the father would not be silent and weak or sympathetic, the mother would be more decisive in dealing with her ex-husband to protect the children, and the neighbors would not be too insolent. feel… Ward Women’s Union, then ward police, ward residents’ group, apartment protection group, child protection lawyer… what did you do when you knew that a little girl was being abused for such a long time?

Also in the news on the same day, people were surprised to read the story of a newborn baby abandoned in the field on a cold night being warmed by a pack of puppies in India or somewhere there was a “hero” dog who saved the baby. dumped in the sewer, another stray dog ​​discovered and brought the newborn baby from the trash to the nearest neighbor to take to the hospital. What have humans done to lose their humanity while animals behave superior to human beings?

Writer Tram Huong shares: “The story of a little girl who was abused by her “stepmother” for several days through shaking people’s hearts. So many emotions: sadness, anger… But more haunting than death is the hopeless cry of pain that is blocked behind the door called ‘private matter’ of each True family understand Albert Einstein’s words: ‘The world will be destroyed not by those who do evil, but by those who stand by and do nothing’.

Women’s Association Young Mothers Sponsorship Association This and that group of children are increasingly helpless in the face of child abuse? Many heart-wrenching questions. Where was your mother at that time? p>

The violent mentality is hidden behind worries during the Covid period, worries about food and clothing, the burden of divorce and starting a new family when it is people who Adults are always resentful and angry but only know how to dump it all on the children. When divorced parents no longer retain any of their old love, they want to separate their children from the other person (usually a woman or a vulnerable person) who cannot shake hands to raise and educate their children so they can grow up and develop. normal without being hurt when relationships break down.

If they carry hatred after divorce to maintain family life, how can they have a happy home? Even many sociologists point out that those who abuse children often have had such an abusive childhood or have pent-up psychological memories that have not been released. And that is the unconscious continuing cycle that makes them become evil again without realizing it.

The tragedy of stepmothers harming their husband’s children happens more and more with many cases that are no longer human. As heartbreaking as the unfortunate incident of her husband putting her child in a bag and drowning her in water, pressing a hot iron in her face and even killing her child in anger… But behind these continuing tragedies, most of the root causes have not been resolved.

Evil still blatantly exists; the law is not enough of a deterrent. Usually when things happen, people get involved and get involved irregularly. The case of the abused boy Hao Anh is an example when compassion was turned into money poured into his account and the injured boy did not receive any psychological treatment and grew up with abnormal development, leading to negative consequences. the consequences later.

The evil continues as the call centers for abused children and women are increasingly crowded with people asking for help, but there is still no reasonable solution. Associations still place emphasis on movement and achievements but forget the central figure that needs to be protected.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) once emphasized: “All children have the right to be protected from violence.” Regardless of its nature or severity, all forms of violence can harm children, reduce their self-esteem, respect for their dignity, and hinder their development. Violence ranges from verbal to behavioral to physical to mental abuse…

In cases where adults do not care to protect abused children, silence is also a crime and lifelong regret is the main thing. is the most severe and painful sentence for them.

Because how will the generation of children grow up under the cruelty of adults, whipping and mental oppression? A generation of parents without parents will also produce a new generation of successors like that…

The first solution must be to save the lives and spirits of children. To do that, we need organizations that operate properly. If any association is not operating effectively, why not disband? Meanwhile, some associations that operate quite well are shrinking. There used to be a Committee for the Protection of Mothers and Children, but it was later merged; Next, the Population, Family and Children Committee was dissolved (2007).

The annual topic of protecting mothers and children is still on the National Assembly table, but a solution has not yet been proposed. Hotlines exist but are not strong enough to resolve violence issues, so where will the matter be transferred to who will resolve it? How will the management of the associations have to change when restoring the associations?

Yes, only when the issue of child protection is a top concern will the solutions that follow be effective.

< p>If concerns are only on paper, Vietnamese children will still suffer a lot of pressure and disadvantages. If a society does not care, protect and cherish children, what will the country’s future be like?