The secret of the small pocket in jeans

In all jeans there is an extra pocket The small pocket is inserted inside the main front pocket of the wearer. This “unusual” small pocket is considered standard on jeans regardless of gender. All jeans have 2 pockets behind the 2 front pockets and a rather odd small rectangular pocket attached to one of the two front pockets.

Especially for many women’s pants, manufacturers also sew additional pockets. Small “fake” pockets on the side of clothes and shirts. This sometimes makes people uncomfortable because they don’t understand what its effect is?

So what effect does this small bag actually have? It’s too small to hold coins and not big enough or the right size to hold a phone.

On the Quora forum, experts on apparel and jeans recently searched for out the answer to this difficult question. Designer Levi Strauss, an American jeans icon, revealed the answer about this secret bag. Accordingly, this is a “watch bag” whose size holds enough for a pocket watch. Levis believes that his designer created this bag to take care of the watch carrying needs of cowboys in the American West. At that time, there were no wristwatches like today, but only hand-held pocket watches that had to be stored somewhere.

“In the 1800s, cowherds in the West of the country Americans often wear watches on chains and attach them to their pants belt when they want to store them. Therefore, to help prevent the watch from breaking, Levis designed this small pocket in the front pocket so that Western boys can store their watches safely.”

Reverse Back to the history of jeans, in 1873, designers Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received a patent for jeans. The first pair of jeans was born in 1890 and is considered the ancestor of today’s jeans. With the intention that jeans from the very beginning have always had a unique style with a small pocket attached inside the front pocket. Previously, people still guessed that the fifth pocket of jeans was used to hold gold coins and was even said to hold… condoms.

Khoi Linh