The secret to becoming a million dollar real estate broker

Becoming a million-dollar real estate broker, connecting the buying and selling of real estate with values ​​ranging from tens to hundreds, even over trillions of dong, is the aspiration and goal of many professionals. real estate broker.

So what is the secret for a real estate broker to become someone capable of consulting and connecting with the sale and purchase of million-dollar real estate? Below are the secrets of Mr. Nguyen Tien Hiep, Chairman of Vietnam Townhouse Group Joint Stock Company, one of the units providing real estate brokerage services in Vietnam.

Far enough strategy

Mr. Nguyen Tien Hiep shared that million-dollar real estate is a very difficult segment because these are high-value real estate, good sellers. Buyers are usually rich people with a lot of money. Therefore, it is not easy to reach sellers and buyers and it is even more difficult to gain their trust. For some customers, he worked hard for up to 2 years to be able to connect and help them have successful transactions. Therefore, if there is not a long-term, persistent, and persistent strategy, real estate brokers and consultants will easily give up in the first 2 months.

According to Mr. Hiep, Having a far-reaching strategy means you need to plan for yourself clear goals, specific action plans along with foresight to find the key to success in your career. The long enough strategy also shows the aspirations and desires of real estate brokers and consultants. If you have desire, you will have success.

The goal is big enough

In addition to determining the strategy to become a million-dollar real estate broker with clear goals and specific actions, Mr. Hiep advises investors to Brokers need to set big enough goals. According to Mr. Hiep, a broker’s goal must be high enough to create motivation to try. A big goal is associated with determination, associated with a vision of the results you will achieve and of course also associated with efforts and challenges.

Mr. Hiep shared: “There are many real estate consulting brokers. When my colleagues or employees hear about the million dollar segment, they are very excited at first, but they only have daydreams without setting clear, big enough goals with a specific action plan. Therefore, it is easy to encounter difficulties and give up because you cannot work with customers or million-dollar real estate owners.”

There are also many real estate consulting brokers who do not dare to work with customers or million-dollar real estate owners. I set a big goal for myself, so after many years of working in the profession, I am still just a broker consulting on low-value real estate. In fact, low-value real estate is also a segment with a lot of competition because the majority of real estate consulting brokers nationwide focus on real estate in this low-price segment. The actual percentage of million-dollar real estate consulting brokers is not as high as Mr. Hiep’s Vietnam Townhouse Group, there are only about 500 people participating in the segment million dollar real estateequivalent to 2% of the total of nearly 25 thousand brokers who have been and are adding cooperation with Vietnam Townhouse Group.

“Excess” energy

Mr. Hiep shared: “Those who dare to set the goal of million-dollar real estate brokerage always need to maintain source of working energy, positive mental state. Brokering million-dollar real estate and million-dollar townhouses is not easy. You will encounter countless difficulties and challenges in your work. If you cannot maintain energy to work, a broker can easily give up and become discouraged in the beginning.”

Creating and maintaining your own energy at work is very important. It’s important for any job, not just real estate brokers. Mr. Hiep said that working as a real estate broker today is not a “dealer” but a real consultant Connecting buyers and sellers is only the initial step. Consulting on factors such as legality, market price, geographical location, investment problems, and even feng shui issues for customers in transactions all require brokers to has positive working energy to learn and update knowledge continuously.

Mr. Tran Van Nam is the person led by Mr. Hiep and is currently also a 5-star broker specializing in the million-dollar townhouse segment on the market. shares: “Maintaining a positive mental state and abundant energy will attract customers’ sympathy. Since starting my career until now, I have experienced many failures. Many times, when the service was 99% good, it broke down for many reasons. There were even times when the brokerage consultation was finished and the customer was out of commission. At times like these, who wouldn’t be sad and not be affected psychologically, but I encourage myself to stimulate my own working energy, forget about the past to focus on new goals of the present and the future, so that I can move forward. today with a fairly sustainable customer file.”

Reputable mark

A real estate consulting broker essentially acts like a business director, a “business owner” with all the following factors: proactively self-promote marketing, search for potential customers, search for product sources, plan and implement activities to achieve your personal business goals.

According to Mr. Hiep’s assessment, there are currently about 300,000 people on the market. Professional real estate broker. Thus, the job of a real estate broker is to compete with other brokers in gaining housing customers. At this time, if a broker has a better reputation, it will have a larger file of potential customers and a greater chance of success.

Previously, reputation was built through the process of accumulating referral work. mouth and customer care activities of the broker. In recent years, according to Mr. Hiep, building a reputable brand on media and digital platforms is very important because in the digital age, consumers’ journeys of searching for information, contact and transactions all take place in the environment. number. Customers have many channels to learn about a real estate consulting broker before deciding to use their services. Brokers should actively take advantage of reputable real estate digital platforms such as to build a professional personal profile with a diverse warehouse. Participate in contests like “I love being a real estate broker” to have the opportunity to promote your brand to more people.

Mr. Hiep, personally, is the one who has managed tens of thousands of real estate brokers, including 10,000 brokers at Vietnam Townhouse Group and trained customers. thousands of branches nationwide, but he still diligently builds and strengthens his personal brand by sharing his values ​​and experiences with colleagues and the public through articles and interviews on reputable press channels.

Many brokers, especially young people, texted him to thank the story he shared for greatly encouraging their spirit on their career journey.

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