The secret to distinguishing between real and fake Chinese domestic diapers

With quality and reasonable prices, Chinese domestic diapers are the top choice of many parents today. However, many consumers have difficulty choosing products for their children due to the proliferation on the market, including the appearance of a series of fake and poor quality products. Here are some tips to help parents accurately identify domestic Chinese diapers

Check product ingredients and quality

Truthful domestic diapers always have clear and accurate information about ingredients, produced with high-quality materials to ensure safety for your baby. Because according to Chinese law, all products to be circulated nationwide are required to apply for quality certification (from packaging quality certification to internal product quality). Parents can consider the durability of the seams and especially the product’s ability to absorb moisture.

True Chinese domestic diapers usually have good absorbency and do not irritate the baby’s skin. Especially when holding real diapers, parents can easily feel the softness and cottoniness of the diapers. For fake goods, the touch will be harder because the product contains raw cotton fibers that are not soft and are of poor quality

Observe packaging, design and barcode

For Genuine Chinese domestic products, product packaging is always made of durable materials, letters and images are printed in clear, sharp colors. The packaging has full information about the product barcode and production date printed on it. Those are factors that parents can use to distinguish between real and fake products.

Mico Diapers brand representative said that genuine domestic products will be available on commercial platforms. Large e-commerce platforms like Pinduoduo are only for the domestic market. Meanwhile, to buy genuine domestic diapers on international sites such as Alibaba and 1688, customers must log in with a WeChat account and are not supported with translation into English or Vietnamese.

Understanding these challenges for parents, Trung Mico domestic diapers have translated all information on the product from Chinese to Vietnamese. This not only aims to provide clear information to help parents feel secure when using products for their babies, but also shows respect for the Vietnamese language. In particular, Mico is the only unit implementing this strategy in the Vietnamese market, creating trust and differentiation.

Choose a reliable supplier

To avoid buying fake goods, parents need to choose to buy products from reliable suppliers and have certificates of genuine Chinese domestic products. These addresses are always committed to providing quality products, professional care services and reputable transparent purchasing policies. Learning about the manufacturer is also an important step to distinguish between real and fake Chinese domestic diapers.

Understand parents’ concerns when choosing Chinese domestic diapers for their babies. love diapers Mico Vietnam is committed to providing genuine quality and safe products. According to the representative of this brand, Mico diapers are honored to be the first domestic diapers in China to be accompanied by many obstetric and pediatric hospitals such as the Central Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Central Military Hospital 108… this helps Mico affirm its reputation. quality and mission towards Vietnamese consumers.

With the above 3 tips, distinguishing between real and fake domestic diapers will become easier for parents Choose the best product for your baby.

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