The secret to economical Tet shopping while still having enough

Financial pressure – fragile Tet bonus

At the moment of transition from the old year to the new year, usually people will happily look forward to the salary or bonus. While shopping, the Tet atmosphere this year seems to be gloomy. From businesses to workers, faced with difficulties and pressure to manage finances, many people hope that Tet will slow down a bit.

“Thin salary, little bonus” – What’s fun this Tet?

Through a tumultuous year filled with joys, sorrows, successes and challenges, despite reduced income and the faint hope of a Tet bonus, many people can still maintain positive energy to Adapt and explore new opportunities build plans to face the next challenges. Looking beyond the current difficulties, we can see that it is also a great opportunity to experience innovation and approach optimism.

Change your thinking about Tet bonuses: “No Having a Tet bonus” is better than “losing your job after Tet” working at a low salary is better than “going home without pay” are the spirits that have been “reset” (refreshed) recently and seem to continue in 2024. Workers have estimated this situation and planned to tighten spending for this Tet and next year.

Changing eating and living habits in the context of limited income: Difficulties can last after Tet, you can increase your cooking of delicious meals from common and low-cost ingredients. This not only helps you save money but also brings joy when creating delicious dishes. Cook when you have time or use convenient ready-to-eat products that are packaged safely and nutritiously when time is short.

Buy economical Tet shopping and have a happy Tet holiday: even though the economy is difficult, you still have to have the best Tet spirit. Shopping during Tet can be a challenge with little salary and little bonus, but there are some ways to help you save money and still have a meaningful Tet holiday. Here are some suggestions:

Prioritize essential goods: When finances are tight, consumers should prioritize shopping for essential goods, especially products often used in the family such as rice, water, medicine, instant food such as pho noodles.
Consumers shop for essential products for Tet (Photo: Shutterstock).A meaningful Tet holiday Doesn’t necessarily involve spending a lot of money. Doing meaningful activities to spend more time for yourself and your family and friends to happily enjoy the good fortune in the present is also a way to make the Tet holiday special.

Prioritize promotional items: You can search and track promotions and special offers for Tet such as purchase programs with gifts or lucky draws. Even if the gift is not large and the value is not high, it can still help you enjoy a little joy from luck and hope for a better thing.

Promotional program “Best Tet” “first place” with more than 40,000 total prizes worth up to 3 billion VND, bringing great incentives and high chances of winning up to 120 Special prizes worth 12 million VND and 40,000 Relay prizes worth 50,000 VND. The program not only brings practical prizes such as cash and phone money, but also gives experiences with beautiful memories of material value and spiritual joy.

“The Best Tet has the First” with goods Tens of thousands of prizes (Photo: Acecook).How to participate in the program: Just find the scratch card in the customer’s pho package will receive 50,000 VND. This small gift may bring joy to you at the beginning of the new year.

In addition, customers keep scratch cards to participate in the lucky draw at or Zalo Miniapp De Nhat Pho for the opportunity to receive the next 12 million VND and receive “hot money” through a convenient bank account even at home.

Customers can find out more information about this promotion and many other programs at < /p>”