The secret to “knowing” the difference between lotus and kneeling flowers to avoid being deceived when buying

See you again, late May and early June is the start of lotus season. These days, walking on the streets of Hanoi, it is not difficult to see street vendors, filled with bunches of bright, fragrant lotus clusters.

However, if the buyer is not careful, It’s easy to buy the wrong type of “kneeling lotus” flower. This is a flower shaped like a lotus but when it blooms it is not as beautiful.

Normally anemone flowers are only grown for their sepals or seeds. With cheaper selling prices, many sellers often mix and sell lotus flowers to deceive buyers.

The article below will help you distinguish the differences between these two types of flowers.


– The lotus petals are bright pink and the lotus bud is large, round and plump. The lotus flower has many layers of petals, so when you touch the top half of the flower, it doesn’t fall apart like the lotus flower (the lotus flower has only one layer of petals that gradually grows from the moment it buds out). The lotus stem is usually straight and has few thorns and the flower stem is small.

– Anemones come in both pink and white. If pink, the color will be much darker than bright pink. of lotus. The outer petals are slightly dark at the tip of the pointed petal and the heart of the petal is small. Anemone flower stems are rougher and have more thorns. If you are scratched by a lotus thorn, you will not feel the pain and numbness like an anemone thorn.

– When you buy and hold the flower upside down and kneel, it will easily lose its petals while the lotus petals will still hold tightly to the stem.

Internal appearance

– The lotus flower has a pale or pure white color and easily blooms when the lotus petals are wide and bright and spread out all the petals so they look very big. Inside the lotus there are layers of small petals surrounding the base. When flowers are withered and placed in water, they can still stay fresh.

– Anemone flower petals are dark purple or charcoal purple, not pink or pure white like lotus. Anemones have only one outer layer of petals and are very difficult to bloom. The wings have a long, boat-shaped (pointed) hood shape and the small wing tips show signs of withering before falling off.


– This is a characteristic The main point to distinguish between lotus and kneeling flowers. The lotus flower has a cool, pleasant scent, and as soon as the bud opens, it already smells fragrant.

– Meanwhile, the strong scent of anemoneum is only when the pistil opens and you can smell the scent.



– The market price of lotus flowers in season ranges from 70-150 thousand VND/a dozen flowers while anemone flowers are cheaper than just ranges from 20-40 thousand VND/bundle. However, many people often mix lotus and anemoneum to sell each other. If you don’t know the difference, you may have to buy anemoneum at a price as high as lotus.

Hiep Nguyen