The security guard driver stopped the ambulance: “The hospital slandered me and didn’t apologize to me”

Mr. Nguyen Van Phe is the driver who was blocked by the security team at Hoan My Binh Phuoc Hospital (Dong Xoai City, Binh Phuoc Province) from running an ambulance to pick up dying patients on July 17.

The security guard driver stopped the ambulance: "The hospital slandered me and didn't apologize to me"

Driver Phe shared some information in the hospital report that was not true. Mr. Phe said that he did not rush in with a three-piece stick to attack the security group, but only brought it out to protect himself when a security guard began to loudly take off his shirt and challenge him.

“I was very upset when the hospital “Slander affects my reputation. I am ready to confront the hospital. I also affirm that at first I expected to be made difficult, but I still complied,” Mr. Phe said.

Do not stop there, Mr. Phe said that one of the security guards who caused trouble with him the day before was still working at the hospital and had not been fired as announced.

July 23, reporter Dan Tri contacted the leader of Hoan My Binh Phuoc hospital, who said the hospital had not yet informed about the above incident.

As Dan Tri reported around 12:30 on July 17 at Hoan My Binh Phuoc hospital (located in hamlet 3, Tien Hung commune, Dong Xoainh city, Binh Phuoc province) driver Nguyen Van Phe (driver The ambulance driver, who belongs to a volunteer group, was prevented by security from driving in to pick up the dying patient.

Seeing that the patient was barely alive, Phe angrily reacted and both sides gradually raised their voices. together.

“Why do you guys torture people so much? The family pushed the patient out here but you guys don’t let the patient get in the car and have to drive outside to let them in,” Mr. Phe said.

“We are handling the ambulances” no matter what your opinion is, please suggest it to the top,” one of the hospital guards said.

After Only when people around advised them to stop did they stop. On the same day, Hoan My Binh Phuoc Hospital also issued a written report on the incident. Specifically, the hospital believes that it is because the hospital is implementing the Department of Health’s policy on preventing “umbrella” vehicles from entering the hospital to entice customers to compete for customers and collect money from patients illegally.

According to the hospital, It is completely wrong for security guards to directly conflict with family members or patients. Also according to this announcement after the incident, security guards will not be able to work in the hospital from July 18. A representative of the Hospital Board of Directors informed that they have apologized to the patient’s family and the ambulance driver.