The security guard took off his shirt in defiance, not allowing the ambulance to pick up the dying patient

On July 19, a video clip appeared on social networks recording a quarrel between the security group and the ambulance driver about not allowing the vehicle to pick up a dying patient. The clip went viral, making netizens angry.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phe (an ambulance driver belonging to a volunteer group) said the incident happened at about 12:30 on July 17 at Hoan My Binh Phuoc hospital (located in hamlet 3, Tien Hung commune, Dong Xoainh city, Binh Phuoc province).

Driver Phe said that at the time of the incident he received a call from a volunteer ambulance group in Ha Tinh. Specifically, this group asked him to pick up patient N.T.H. (45 years old, living in Tan Phu town, Dong Phut district, Binh Phuoc) treated at Hoan My hospital, Binh Phuoc. Because patient H. was seriously ill, his family asked to be transferred to his hometown for treatment.

At the appointed time, driver Phe drove the ambulance inside the hospital campus but the security guard stopped him and reported it. Drive the car out and wait until the family pushes the patient out before the car can come in to pick you up.

Driver Phe followed the instructions. When the patient was brought to the hospital, Phe backed the car inside the hospital gate. At that time, the patient was also pushed out on a stretcher to be taken to the ambulance.

“In my opinion, when a dying patient is transferred to the hospital, the vehicle must be allowed to park right in the patient’s return lobby, not just in the hospital area.” staff and then waited for someone to push the stretcher out.

But even if I agreed to park outside, the hospital security still wouldn’t let me put the patient in the car, thinking that my car was a “car”. Although “we should ask them to drive outside the hospital to let them go,” driver Phe explained.

Seeing that the patient was barely alive, Phe angrily reacted and the two sides gradually raised their voices to each other.

“Why do you guys torture people so much? The family pushed the patient out here but you guys don’t let the patient get in the car and have to drive outside to let them in,” Mr. Phe said.

“We are handling the ambulances” whatever your opinion is, please suggest it to the top” one of the hospital guards spoke up.

After a long while The sound of one of the male guards taking off his shirt and throwing it on the ground loudly challenged: “Try to hit me.” The driver also angrily returned to the car, grabbed an umbrella and approached the security group.

“I saw these people loudly challenging and taking off their shirts to cause trouble, so I took the umbrella down to protect myself,” he said. Phe said.

After being advised by people around them to stop, both sides stopped.

“I was very upset because the patient was dying and his life was very fragile but still “It’s not just this hospital, but ambulance drivers in the province like us often have trouble at many hospitals when picking up patients,” driver Phe confided.

On the same day, Hoan My Binh Phuoc Hospital also issued a written report on the incident. Specifically, the hospital believes that it is because the hospital is implementing the Department of Health’s policy on preventing “umbrella” vehicles from entering the hospital to entice people to compete for customers and collect money from patients illegally.

“Currently, the hospital The hospital has an electric shuttle bus that takes guests to the area in front of the gate every time a patient is discharged or transferred to the hospital upon request,” the report stated.

The hospital side further informed that at 12:30 a marine ambulance No. 51B-71.XX (ambulance driven by driver Phe) requested to go straight behind the area where the patient was being treated to pick up the patient.

“The ambulance was stopped by security guards. The party where the conflict occurred was the ambulance driver holding a 3-piece stick and rushed in, demanding to beat the security guard,” the document said.

At about 12:50, the patient was taken by transit vehicle to the designated area and treated. The patient was transferred.

According to the hospital, it is completely wrong for security guards to directly conflict with family members or patients. Also according to this announcement after the incident, security guards will not be allowed to work in the hospital from July 18.

Speaking about the hospital’s report, Mr. Phe said that the information given was inaccurate. The reason he held the three-piece stick was because he saw the security guard take off his shirt and loudly challenge him, so he took it to defend himself. The ambulance driver asserted that it was untrue that he was holding a weapon to attack the security guard.

“The hospital has cameras and I am also ready to confront the above issues,” Mr. Phe said.

According to Mr. Phe, the incident was recorded by the camera mounted on the car and the driver’s mobile phone. He is the one who posted the clip on social networks.

The posted clip has attracted tens of thousands of interactions. Many people expressed disagreement with the security group’s approach.