The sign in front of the gate of Binh Duong Bus Station makes many people angry

At noon on March 1, a photo was shared on social networks with the content: Grab drivers, please pick up passengers 300m from the bus station.

After the photo was posted, many people commented. Expressing frustration. According to the reporter’s research, the above sign is placed in front of the gate of Binh Duong bus station, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province.

The leader of Binh Duong Bus Station said that this is not the policy of the bus station’s leadership but that the motorbike taxi team self-manages the area. The bus station area is self-made.

According to the bus station leader, as soon as he discovered the incident, he asked to stop it immediately. The self-managed motorbike taxi team did not have time to do so, causing frustration for people.

Previously, the traditional motorbike taxi group and the technology motorbike taxi group had many conflicts with each other. At one point, the two sides fought.

According to the leaders of Binh Duong bus station, the bus station only announced that people should not gather in large numbers in front of the gate to obstruct traffic. As for which means of transportation people choose, it is their right.