The son of Prince Bac Lieu went from living a golden life to passing away in silence

A golden life in his youth

Mr. Tran Trinh Duc, who just passed away on June 18, was one of the few children of Prince of Bac Lieu Tran Trinh Huy (also known as Mr. 3 Huy, Mr. Black) is known to many people.

Mr. Duc was born when his father was nearly 50 years old, at that time family has passed its peak but still has many properties, houses and land.. . so life is quite happy.

Around 1973, Prince Bac Lieu Tran Trinh Huy is seriously ill and lies in a large house in Saigon. These days, Mr. Duc is a son who is often by his father’s side. Mr. Duc married Mrs. N.T.N. Not long after that, his father passed away and was brought back to be buried at the family grave in Bac Lieu province.

After his father passed away, Mr. Duc’s family sold the house on Nguyen Huy Tuong Street, which he accepted. part of my life and then moved out to live with a job business trade, so life is still quite prosperous.

Mr. Duc and his wife gave birth to a daughter, T.T.P. (born 1977). When she was 19 years old, this girl fell into gambling and debt. Once out, she got drug overdose and suddenly fell ill, causing mental confusion. Mr. Duc and his wife had to sell all their assets to treat their daughter’s illness, but still could not bring her back to normal.

The family could not pay off all their debts, so in 2008 they moved to Cambodia to live. 2 years. Mr. Duc had to work many jobs to support his wife and children. After that, Mr. Duc’s family returned to Saigon to rent a house. The son of the Prince of Bac Lieu has to struggle with many jobs, including driving a motorbike taxi.

After the press reported that Prince Bac Lieu’s son lived in poverty in Saigon, his family Mr. Duc began to become more famous. Around July 2010, the whole family moved back to Bac Lieu after this province wanted to support.

Quiet in old age

Mr. Tran Trinh Duc returned to Bac Lieu and was initially lent a house to live in and was accepted to work at a travel company. After about a year, Mr. Duc was decided by Bac Lieu province to give him a new house worth more than 300 million VND in a residential area in Bac Lieu City.

Having a new house, his place of residence is stable every day. Duc went to the house of the Prince of Bac Lieu where he lived as a child and sold books about his family, telling visitors stories about his famous father. Many guests, upon learning that he was the son of Prince Bac Lieu, asked to take commemorative photos.

After his death Mr. Duc returned to his wife and children in a house provided by the province in a residential area in Bac Lieu City, living a quiet life with many difficulties in his old age.

Because Due to his old age and illness, Mr. Tran Trinh Duc – son of the Prince of Bac Lieu – died at 2:30 a.m. on June 18 and was cremated on the morning of June 20, 2022, ending the life of a man who could be said to be somewhat fortunate. saying: “No one is rich, no one is poor for three generations.” Mr. Duc was 76 years old, and his ashes were taken home by his wife and children to worship at home.