The special love story of a couple who dated for 4 years and only met twice before getting married

For more than 4 years, the 10th day of every month for young girl Thanh Hoa (born 1994) has always been a special day. On this day, she will receive a letter from her boyfriend who lives and makes a career in Laos – Quoc Binh.

Through emails, Quoc Binh sends his girlfriend sweet words of love. Sometimes he reviewed the memories between the two of them, and sometimes, in letters, he wrote about the future plans that the two of them had planned. Responding to the emotional lines, Thanh Hoa also sent her boyfriend the thoughts and thoughts in her heart.

“Writing an email is like writing a handwritten letter, it helps us convey our emotions more completely” Thanh Hoa shared shared with Dan Tri.

Over 4 years of love, the couple has only met twice. That’s why writing emails is one of the secrets to help them keep the fire of love alive to get to their current marriage.

The girl born in 1994 said she lived in Da Nang and accidentally met her boyfriend through social networks in 2018. Time Both of them had broken up with their old love for 2-3 years.

Even though they hadn’t met face to face, through the way they talked, she felt that the guy of the same age was “very compatible” and knew how to care for others. The all-night conversations kept taking them from one topic to another. “I don’t know about other couples, but for us, we somehow understood each other and felt familiar from the beginning,” Hoa confided.

One month after making friends on Facebook. Binh decided to return home to meet Thanh Hoa. The first time he met Quoc Binh, he dressed neatly and arrived early to wait for her. The boy’s carefulness makes Hoa feel that the other person is serious about this relationship.

Looking at the handsome face with dimples and crooked teeth, the young girl’s heart truly fluttered.


As for Quoc Binh, when he talked face to face, he became even more certain about his feelings. Thanks to that, their relationship went one step further. And also when Binh returned home, they introduced each other to their families.

Many people think that the speed of their love is too fast. However, Thanh Hoa shared that as soon as they knew they both had feelings for each other, they determined that love was to lead to marriage. She didn’t want to “love for fun or just for the sake of it”.

After that time, Quoc Binh returned to Laos to live and work. Up to the wedding, which took place in November 2022, the couple has only met two more times. Each meeting should not exceed 6 days due to epidemic and work reasons business is too busy.

Even though they are in a long-distance relationship, the couple always has their own secrets to nurture their love. Thanh Hoa shared that every day the two texted and called each other to tell each other about what had happened. At exactly 8 o’clock Quoc Binh was like an alarm bell calling his girlfriend to wake up for breakfast and then go to work.

When they love far away, they also experience all kinds of emotions of anger, sadness, and longing. But every time they get angry with each other, they always find a way to resolve the misunderstanding within 24 hours. When arguing, they often choose to stay silent and look back at the other person’s good things and happy memories so that negative emotions do not overwhelm them.

“The important thing is that we put our trust in each other.” He has a lot of trust in each other. He has always been clear and kept his distance from other girls. From the time he fell in love until he got married, he was never ambiguous or texted any strange girl “Everyone is conscious of putting themselves in the other person’s position to understand each other better,” Hoa said.

Not having a lover by your side on Valentine’s Day celebrations sometimes makes Da Nang also felt sad. Every time Quoc Binh records funny videos or tells cute stories to make his girlfriend laugh.

The most memorable memory for Hoa when the two fell in love was probably the time Quoc Binh celebrated her birthday. Mentioning this story, the young girl burst out laughing.

Thanh Hoa said: “That time, after you celebrated my birthday, you immediately went to the hospital. Everyone kept teasing me for celebrating someone else’s birthday.” How hard it was to fall in love and have to go to the hospital. In fact, that year’s birthday was the second time we met.

Even though he had back pain, he still tried to return to Vietnam to celebrate his new year together. me. The party ended and he was in unbearable pain and had to be hospitalized for treatment.”

This memorable incident made Thanh Hoa love and trust her boyfriend even more. Thanks to this trust, the couple, despite spending most of their time apart and only meeting each other twice, still confidently got married.

The couple’s wedding took place on December 13. 11 recently. After the wedding, Thanh Hoa and her husband went to Laos to start a business. Sharing about her feelings after marriage, the girl smiled and said: “The feeling before and after marriage is not much different. He always gives me the feeling of being loved, safe and protected.”