The strange mutant who hasn’t slept for half a century and the “holy eater” champion in Hanoi

The “mutant” in Quang Nam has not slept for nearly half a century

This strange man’s full name is Mr. Thai Ngoc (75 years old), husband and wife He lives on a farm in the remote Na Trang valley in the Trung Phuoc region, Que Son district (Quang Nam).

This man’s strange insomnia story began in 1974, when he is 30 years old. At that time, Mr. Ngoc was an ordinary farmer, with a wife and two children. When giving birth to the second child, his wife passed away.

A short time later, he discovered that he could no longer sleep. At first, he went to some traditional Chinese medicine doctors in the village to take medicine and still couldn’t sleep I feel very worried.” He was worried because he was afraid that losing sleep for such a long time would lead to exhaustion and no one would be able to work hard to raise his children. However, a few months later, he did not see any unusual symptoms in his body, so he was no longer afraid.

The wife His wife later said: “He is very strange. Since the day he and I lived together, I have never seen him sleep both at night and during the day.” According to Mr. Ngoc’s wife, he works hard all day. He is a talented person. His labor power is unrivaled in the village. He alone can farm more than one acre of land to raise buffaloes and cows… he can also carry eight ounces of rice (more than quintal) at a time.

Mr. Ngoc confirmed: “Several times I tried to go to Da Nang for a general check-up and ultrasound test… but no disease was detected in my body. The only problem is that I can’t sleep.”

The woman has the longest hair in Vietnam

With hair 2 to 4 meters long, the woman Over 40 years old, the hometown of “Sister Hai Nam Ton” (Thai Binh) was awarded by the Guinness Vietnam Records Organization as the woman with the longest and straightest hair in Vietnam on October 27, 2012.

She was given the nickname “Long-Haired Lan” because her hair was longer than her body. Ms. Lan has not cut her hair since 20 years ago. She said that everyone complimented her on having beautiful long hair, so she liked it and kept it, not thinking about growing it to set a record.

“Everyone asked if it was hard or if it felt heavy I don’t have a head, so I replied that I don’t see anything. It’s normal. Some people say that I have a little hair and my whole body is crazy, but I can’t handle it with my hair like this, but I think it’s normal. It’s just hard to wear a helmet. and when going to bed,” the woman from the rice village said.

Ms. Lan shared that she washes her hair once every 3 or 4 days, and each time it takes several hours to wash her hair. Although growing long hair consumes a large amount of water and shampoo, in return she feels happy because every time she goes out, people look back. She confided more about her hair but also family she has to sleep upside down on the bed. At that time, her hair fell to the floor and did not affect her husband and children’s sleep.

“My love for hair is shared by the whole family. The most supportive family is my husband. You said if I cut my hair short, I wonder if you would still love me? Ms. Lan shared.She has two grandchildren, a boy and a girl. Now that her daughter has grown up, she also has a love for long hair like her sister, who always wears her hair down when going to school.

The mutant has a bottomless “stomach” in Ba Vi

Here and there in our country, there are still stories about people who eat healthy, but eating healthy like Mr. Phung Van Lu (Tang Cau village, Dong Thai commune, Ba Vi, Hanoi) is truly a strange story.

Mr. Lu is 75 years old and small, only weighs 45kg, but eating like a tiger is truly strange. In the morning, he drinks 6 bowls of pho or 30 eggs for dessert and still hasn’t eaten.

For every meal, morning, noon, and night, Mr. Lu boils a whole pot of duck eggs. Just need a plate of white salt, he just peeled an egg and dipped it in a few grains of salt to eat it in one bite. With each bite, an egg flies. Boiled eggs were eaten three times a day and then he got bored, so he stir-fried them and cooked tomato soup.

Just two years ago, he tried to see how good he could still eat and he saw “the spirit of eating.” ” still hasn’t gone down much compared to when I was young. In the morning he ate 30 duck eggs but at noon he still blew away 20 bowls full of rice.
According to Mr. Lu, whatever he likes to eat, he must eat until he is full and satisfied. Just eat until you get bored. When he gets bored with a dish, he switches his taste to another dish. After eating duck eggs forever, he got tired of eating them, so he forced the meat ducks to eat them gradually. Once he eats duck, he only focuses on duck dishes. Well, enough of the grilled duck dishes, stir-fried duck with lemongrass and chilli, boiled duck, braised duck, imitation civet duck… Then in no time the ducks were sparkling clean in the lagoon.

Director of Dong Thai Commune Health Station, Dr. Nien said : “Until now, I have never seen Mr. Lu go for a medical examination at the medical station. The fact that he has been able to eat so much without any problems shows that his body is still healthy and can tolerate it. Yes. But if he eats so much but his body is still skinny and not fat, it could be because Mr. Lu works a lot or his body doesn’t absorb nutrients.”

Strange stories about people. The tallest man in Vietnam

That is Tran Thanh Pho – the current Guinness Vietnam record holder for height.

In 1965 when he turned 18 years old as well as the young men that day Tran Quang (Tran Thanh Pho’s real name) entered the army. During the war years, he participated in fighting at the Quang Tri front. During a battle in 1972, due to a tunnel collapse, Tran Quang was seriously injured and had to be hospitalized for treatment.

According to the “giant”‘s story, 2 years of treatment at the hospital In the hospital, he almost lost his memory and his height and weight continued to increase rapidly. From being 1,68m tall and weighing 68kg, Tran Quang grew to over 2,28m tall and weighing 115kg. Doctors concluded: his body had hyperpituitarism. Medicine had to intervene with chemicals and radiation to slow growth.It was only when he recovered in 1974 that Tran Quang realized that he had become a “giant”. Carrying an oversized body, his life also became different. Center staff had to carve out doors to match his height. The two sofas in the room are also tall to accommodate the user.