The tragic life of the ugliest woman in the world, still restless until death

Born with a hairy face, ridiculed as the ugliest in the world”

Julia Pastrana (1834 – 1860) was born in Mexico. She was diagnosed suffers from two rare disease syndromes that cause an emaciated face to be covered with thick hair and a protruding jawline similar to… a gorilla.

That’s why when he was young, Pastrana was laughed at and chased away by neighbors and friends. Because of her unusual appearance, they also gave her many sarcastic nicknames. Pastrana’s childhood years are not much recorded.

All are only passed down in a few vague stories. The girl was eventually sent to an orphanage and lived there until she was 20 years old.

The “weird” woman has natural talent

This Mexican woman officially became known to everyone in 1854 when she participated in a street performance at Gothic Hall. At that time, people often liked to watch strange characters. Therefore, Pastrana’s unusual appearance caught the “eye” of a manager.

The tragic life of the ugliest woman in the world is still restless until death

Despite the ridicule Pastrana still keep calm and sing. Contrary to her appearance, she has a very beautiful voice that captivates everyone. Since then, she has become a rising star sought after everywhere.

During her tours, she often wears a red dress and sings many Spanish folk songs. However, on advertising posters, people still call her by pejorative names like “bear woman” to attract customers. Strangely enough, tickets for such shows are almost sold out.

Then she moved to Cleveland with her new boss. At this time, her reputation became better known. Also followed by a series of tours around Canada and America.

Pasrana’s fame also spread to England. She was reported by many major newspapers despite being called “the ugliest woman in the world”. Therefore, she decided to go to the “foggy country” to prove to public opinion her natural talent.

During her concerts in England, she not only showed off her beautiful voice, but also showed off her beautiful voice. This Mexican native also demonstrates language skills including English, Spanish, German… Thanks to this, she earns a considerable amount of money.

The tragedy of a marriage with an inhumane husband

During her artistic career, Pastrana was closely followed by manager Theodore Lent. . After the tour in England, she went to the German capital, Berlin. At that time, the public had to recognize this woman’s talent even though she did not have a perfect appearance. Even many men, out of admiration for her talent, proposed marriage. This makes manager Theodore feel worried. Afraid that his “treasure” of money would soon fall into the hands of others, this man tried every way to marry Pastrana.

In 1857, boss Theodore proposed to Pastrana and received his consent. They got married amidst the blessings and ridicule of people.

It was thought that Pastrana’s life was turning a new page, but this was also the time to mark a series of bitter and humiliating days. She was considered a commodity to be exhausted by countless performances. She was even advertised by her husband on advertising posters as a hybrid between an ape and a monkey to attract public attention.

Even when she was pregnant with her first child, Pastrana continued to being forced by her husband to perform. In March 1860, during a difficult birth, she gave birth to her first son. The boy was also full of hair like his mother and only lived 3 days. A few days after her son’s death, she also passed away because she was too weak.

Unfortunate corpse

Instead of grieving over his departure of his wife and children, the unscrupulous husband continued to use the deceased’s body to make profit.

At first, Theodore sold his wife’s and son’s bodies to a professor at Moscow Russian University. This person performed an autopsy and embalmed the bodies of the mother and child and displayed them at the school museum. This attracts a lot of visitors.

When he learned that the mummies of Pastrana and his son received attention from the public, Theodore pretended to feel sorry, saying that he had been deceived and wanted to bring his relatives’ bodies back for burial. Receiving support, he brought two bodies back to England but then displayed them at exhibitions. Curious people who want to see it with their own eyes have to spend money to see it. After many transfers back and forth, the child’s body was no longer intact.

In 1900, her body was purchased by the Norwegian Medical-Legal Academy and put on display as a reminder to future generations of compassion and moral awareness.

In 2013, with the support of the Norwegian government, her and her son’s bodies were buried in a solemn ceremony. A large number of people attended this special ceremony to show respect and apologize to this unfortunate woman.