The unusual life of a man who rebuilds a herd of destroyed dogs

At the end of October 2021, the online community, especially the community of lovers Animals were in an uproar because of the news that Mr. Pham Minh Hung’s 16 dogs and cats were destroyed by the authorities in Ca Mau. The reason the government destroyed the livestock was said to ensure the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic because the dogs were difficult to control, running around in the quarantine area in Khanh Hung commune, Tran Van Thoi district when Mr. Hung and his wife had to be quarantined. here.

After the incident, Mr. Pham Minh Hung – owner of the dog and cat flock received a lot of shares from the online community. Know his difficult situation and was touched by this mason’s affection for the animals. Many sponsors sent money to Mr. Hung to rebuild the dogs. In total, Mr. Hung received more than 120 million VND in support money.

However, for an unemployed worker who has just returned to his hometown and is unemployed like Mr. Hung, maintaining a large herd of dogs is not simple.

4 months short of 120 million to feed the herd dog(!?)

“I don’t dare to spend the money that generous sponsors support me. I buy dogs according to the wishes of the sponsors. I don’t remember exactly how much I bought in total, but some I bought for 2 million, some for 3 million. I also vaccinated the entire flock of 15 dogs (13 newly purchased, 1 donated and 1 from the family) and took care of them to eat well,” Mr. Hung shared.

Mr. Hung Tam Since October, he has been unemployed, so the money from sponsors has been exhausted. Currently, every day he still has to go fishing in the canals and ask for additional funds from relatives so that the dogs do not starve. All day outside of work, he eats and sleeps with the dog, wherever he goes, he takes the dog with him.

“Each day, the food cost for 15 dogs is about 500,000 VND, but I only eat a few tens of thousands of dong. Sometimes I hold back so I can give the dog more food. Many people say I’m crazy, but I love dogs so I accept that. It’s okay for me to suffer a little, but I won’t let the dogs go hungry,” Mr. Hung said.

After the Tet holiday tomorrow (February 11), Mr. Hung and his wife will continue to return to Duc Hoa district (Long An). ) to work as a construction worker. He hopes there will be more work to keep the dogs from going hungry. If he has enough money, he will buy more dogs or adopt abandoned dogs.

“With a stable job, my husband and I earn more than 500,000 VND every day. If there is little work, then 200,000 VND or no thousand. When my husband and I ran out of money, we went fishing for shrimp to feed the dogs. Just seeing them grow up fast and healthy makes me happy. It’s okay to suffer a little,” the poor man happily said.

Currently, he has asked his relatives to rent a house for him in Duc Hoa district with the intention of bringing the whole herd of animals. However, he is still worried that the landlord will make it difficult for him to raise too many dogs and cats. He is determined that if the landlord does not agree, he will continue to rent in places far from the residential area to continue keeping the dogs. affects those around.