The world’s first song composed for… dogs

Recently a company claims to have created the world’s first song specifically for dogs at the right time Christmas preparations for the year. Dog food company has released “Raise the Woof” – a two-minute tune that uses sounds and noises that our canine friends enjoy.

The The expert researched the likes and dislikes of 25 dogs’ sounds before going to the sound room with a group of musicians.

The finished product was produced at a studio called Abbey Road. Iconic music studio in London, England. It was also at Abbey Road that famous singers like The Beatles and Kate Bush produced some of their most famous works.

Experts about dog behavior and the musicians who wrote the song were very successful and were described by as “a type of music that makes dogs want to wag their tails”.

People Hopefully the song will excite the dogs and make their owners equally happy. However, reaction from the puppies has been a bit mixed so far.

Since the song was released dozens of owners have shared their four-legged friends’ reactions them on social networks. Some dogs rushed closer to the TV screen while listening to the song, and some other dogs seemed completely captivated while listening to the music.