Think about the General Secretary’s “tears falling into history”.

(Department Le Nam: “This term we have witnessed Comrade General Secretary’s tears fell into history”)

At the discussion session on the results of implementing the 2015 socio-economic development plan and the development plan socio-economic development in 2016, after evaluating the achievements achieved in recent years, Delegate Le Nam (Thanh Hoa) said:

“Besides, society is too frustrated. Many weaknesses have led to unfavorable comments that Vietnam is a country that refuses to develop. If we dare to accept criticism, we will see that that opinion is reasonable. The economy, whose roots are production, is constantly lagging behind. Farmers’ lives are still in dire straits. Fishermen want to have a ship to go out to sea to fish, but a year and a half later, the model ship has not yet been completed; The living environment is getting worse and worse, fighting against corruption for decades has still not overcome the period of resistance…”.

Regarding the cause of the Southern Delta, it is said that there are objective reasons, but there are also very large causes belonging to about the responsibilities of Ministers, heads of local branches, and even the responsibilities of the head of the State Party.

Then he recalled an event with an image: “This term We have witnessed the General Secretary’s tears falling into history.”

Recalling the image of “tears falling into history” he probably wanted to recall the event that took place 3 years ago. year (October 2012), when reading the closing speech of the 6th Central Conference on behalf of the Politburo, the Central Committee Secretariat, Nguyen Phu Trong, admitted to the entire Party for “a number of major shortcomings” both present and During the previous terms, his voice suddenly choked up.

That day in the article “The President’s confession and the General Secretary’s choking moment” I wrote: “Your choking is inevitable because how can you not choke when a Party born from the people vows to fight selflessly for national independence and national unity; strive hard for the benefit of the people, but in some places and at some times there are signs of alienation from the people and a serious decline in people’s trust.

How can you not be choked up when Some of his comrades are high-ranking officials, both current and former, whose actions are not exemplary and affect the Party’s reputation and image.

Don’t choke. How can you be sad because the negative corruption situation is becoming more and more serious and sophisticated while the least effective prevention is the appearance of “group interests”.

Don’t be choked up. How can we let major losses occur that leave serious consequences not only for the economy but also reduce the confidence of the people as well as the world’s economic organizations…

He choked up because he was an honest and upright person whose family and children had no reputation, but now having to stand up and apologize in front of the entire Party and the People was a great pain.

Mr. choked up because he and his comrades had to face the nation’s history. Tomorrow, how will history write about you and your comrades in these months and years? Despite all efforts, there is still a “swarm of worms” as expressed by President Truong Tan Sang. There is still a situation where “people eat from nothing” as Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan said …

And even more painful is the expression of people’s indifferent and depressed attitude towards the anti-corruption work: “Maybe people are bored!” as National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said on the National Assembly floor.

There is still the lingering fear that because the economy is developed but not yet sustainable, the state may once again missed appointment with salary increase…

His tears will go down in history as a sense of responsibility, tireless efforts and even torment and anxiety over the fate of the country .

Tears do not make the “internal invaders” tremble in fear. Tears do not bring food and clothing. Tears cannot be used to develop the country…

But Tears will make us grow with a steadfast spirit and unwavering determination. Tears do not weaken us but give us strength today’s tears.</p >

Hopefully, in the near future, you and your comrades, true party members, will never have to be “choked” by the bad things that are so degenerate and have no place to live?!

Please once again share with him “tears falling into history”.

Bui Hoang Tam</p >”