Thousands of people were attacked by mosquitoes and left their “green apartments” in China

Located in the southwest of Chengdu, Qiyi City Forest Garden is a green architectural apartment project built in 2018.

The apartments here are all designed with private balconies with planted trees. More than 20 types of trees are like a miniature garden, responsible for filtering the air and reducing noise pollution. The project promises to bring “a vertical forest” right in this megacity.

Qiyi City Forest Garden is one of many “green” projects aimed at improving air quality in China. Photo: AFP.

However, instead of the image of a modern ecological paradise, the buildings look like the set of a desolate post-apocalyptic movie.

Because this pilot project has encountered a big problem: too many trees, attracting insects, especially mosquitoes.

According to Chinese media, up to this point, there are 8 main 30-storey apartment buildings. The trees were almost completely “swallowed up” because no one came to take care of and prune them regularly.

According to real estate agents, all 826 apartments in the apartment complex were sold out in April 2019.

However, the number Only about 10 families moved in because they were concerned about mosquito invasion and the resulting diseases. The Chinese online community also expressed concerns about safety when tree branches fall from high floors.

To solve this problem, the project developer said they will do maintenance four times a week. year while promoting pest control efforts.

Qiyi City Forest Garden is just one of many “green” projects aimed at improving air quality in Chinese cities, including there is the Nanjing Green Towers project in Jiangsu province.