To forget those “painful legs”

There are some things that writers often do at the beginning of the new year and gives a very light feeling. That is to make a contribution to support an unfortunate situation that one comes across; Read positive information about life in the newspaper.

Even though we know that we cannot change the adversities in life, a change in awareness and cultivating emotions is always necessary. with anyone, let alone a journalist.

A friend of mine who runs a small business recently has not been doing well at work, so he complained: “Snails can’t carry their body and they can also carry stakes.” give moss! If you don’t take care of your wife and family, why donate to charity?!”.

I wasn’t surprised when I heard that. Although not representative, there are still many people in life who have similar views.

Once upon a time in the work Old Hac, writer Nam Cao once borrowed the character of a teacher to make this comment: ” Can a person with a sore leg ever forget his or her sore leg to think about something else? When he or she is suffering so much, he or she can no longer think about anyone else. His or her good nature is suffering worry, sadness, and selfishness cover it up…”.

It is very difficult for us to demand altruism from the people around us when they themselves are still burdened with a lot of pressure from a struggling life. They have to face the burden of worrying about the future and family.

They are neither bad nor blameworthy. In fact, as long as each person lives his or her life well, is able to make a living and take care of himself or her family well, society and the country will also be “healthy”.

It’s just that the hands and fingers are short. long finger, life is the same, every tree, every flower, every house, every scene. Some people succeed and some people fail; There are rich and wealthy people, and there are unfortunate people who are plagued by illness and poverty. It is important that people’s attitudes towards situations, the way people use materials, will determine the value of their lives and the quality of their lives.

The year 2020 was an unlucky year for many people. These are the extreme developments of the weather, the impacts brought by Covid-19 and the general difficulties of the economy… causing a part of workers to lose their jobs and reduce their income. Businesses are also facing the brink of bankruptcy.

However, it is heartwarming that over the past year, tens of hundreds of billions of dong have been trusted by readers to transfer to support difficult situations through the Charity Program. . To see the spirit of mutual love healthy leaves protect torn leaves – less torn leaves protect more torn leaves… is always present.

“The boy who had cardiac arrest 3 times recovered after receiving help from readers” ; “Woman who lost her child and was paralyzed was helped by readers with more than 140 million VND”; “Dan Tri readers help young father with leukemia nearly 200 million VND”… How happy to read these articles on Dan Tri in the first days of the new year.

The work Eradicating hunger and reducing poverty, taking care of and supporting the weak in society is a long journey that cannot be done in a day or two.

I hope the press will contribute to arousing kindness in each person so that society Society will become better and more loving, but I also hope that the country will have more breakthrough policies aimed at the right places and the right people so that businesses can develop and people can have guaranteed livelihoods and jobs – that is the way to help. “escape poverty” most effectively.

And when people are less worried about daily food and clothing, the pain in their legs no longer haunts them, maybe they will also live more compassionately and more humanely, and pay more attention to pain. of others…