U80 men and women enthusiastically went to class reunions at the beginning of the year, causing “fever” on the internet

Despite old age, each person has their own place, but the middle school alumni liaison committee in Ky Bich commune (now Tam Xuan commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam) and the high school class at Tran Cao Van school (Tam Ky city) still using many ways to search and gather class members.

The class reunion had 32 people, all over 80 years old, with members living in Da Nang. Nang still asked his children to drive him in, some had to use a cane or someone helped him step by step, but he was still excited at the moment of meeting his friends again.

Mr. Ngo Minh Tan (80 years old, Head of the Alumni Liaison Committee) student) said that the class reunion had 2 classes at 2 schools. A middle school class at Ky Bich village school (26 people) and a high school class at Tran Cao Van school (18 people).

The grandparents here are all over 80 years old, and many people study at the school. village from 1958 to 1961 and then took the high school entrance exam at Tran Cao Van School. Some did not pass high school so they quit school but still kept in contact with their middle school classmates.

Every year, we divide into 2 classes to meet, but this year both classes decided to combine to create a more joyful atmosphere.</p >

“In order to have a complete gathering like today, I had to go to each house to send invitations. The whole class met almost full capacity, only 6 people were missing,” Mr. Tan said with a smile.

Can’t hide his happy feelings when Ms. Ung Thi Bong’s class (80 years old) has more than 30 people over 60 years old. Since graduation, the class still has more than 20 people. Luckily, those who came today are over 80 years old but still healthy.

The old men asked about their health and reviewed old stories at the class reunion (Photo: Hoai Son).

Mrs. Bong said that in the 1960s, the elderly here studied at the village school, but then some people dropped out of school because of economic difficulties, some joined the army, some returned to the countryside to work in the countryside, and some tried to study further. then go far away from home.

Most of her friends are in the commune but on weekdays it is difficult to meet each other because of their age and worries about making a living for their families. Only on the occasion of class reunions like this after Tet can we gather together to review old stories. Everyone is happy.