Unbelievable love stories of couples “whose wives are ten years older than their husbands”

The love story of a couple 13 years younger than the wife in Thanh Hoa

The love story of groom Bui Ngoc Duc (born 1992, Thanh Hoa) and bride Phan Phuong Ngoc (born 1979) is considered the most special and strange love story ever. At the time of the wedding, the groom had just turned 26 years old and the bride was 39 years old. Sharing about his special love story, Mr. Duc could not hide his emotions and said it was “fate”. The two had time to learn and love each other for 3 years before deciding to get married.

Accordingly, in 2014 while still a student at Hanoi University of Science and Technology Mr. Duc had an internship at an automobile factory in the suburbs of Hanoi. During this time, Duc rented a room in Dinh Cong and accidentally lived in the same neighborhood as Ms. Phan Phuong Ngoc. Seeing the gentle middle-aged woman alone, Duc often started joking.

Especially, they both follow Buddhism, so they often spend time going to temples and doing charity work. It was Ngoc’s genuine gentleness that made Duc gradually develop feelings. “At first it was just love, then love without knowing it. I myself also felt surprised because I never thought I would love and marry someone so much older than me,” Duc confided.

After 3 months of knowing each other, Duc boldly asked Ngoc: “If you don’t criticize me for being young, please be my wife.” Surprised by the confession of a guy many years younger than her, Ngoc took a while to regain her composure. Not believing her ears, the middle-aged woman kept asking over and over again: “Have you thought carefully?”. Seeing that Duc was serious and sincere, Ngoc then gradually accepted the proposal.

In December 2017, the two’s wedding was held lavishly after nearly 3 years of courtship and love. .

The love story of a husband who is 10 years younger than his wife after getting married still calls them “sister”

Recently, social networks have been in a stir again. The “sister-sister” love story of a couple in Hai Duong. Ms. Nguyen Van Khanh (born 1989) and Mr. Pham Duong (born 1998) are 10 years apart but are extremely happy.

Talking to the reporter, Ms. Van Khanh said: “Since 2013, I have worked at Thanh Binh Ecological Garden (Hai Duong), so sometimes I take my young son there to play and Pham Duong has noticed me ever since.

To be honest, everyone knows that I’m divorced at my place of work. Married since 2009 because of an unhappy married life, but Duong is not shy about it. Duong started a conversation but I refused, then Duong asked for my number phone from my sister to text me.”

At first, Ms. Van Khanh thought that this little brother born in 1998 was just We text each other jokingly, so we rarely respond and only say a few sentences to each other.

“In 2004 Duong texted me a message love you’ and offered to take me home to play. I was startled by Duong’s seriousness. Feeling Duong’s sincerity, I followed Duong home to play.

What surprised me most was that Duong’s mother loved me very much. She didn’t think about my age or that I had been broken. In marriage, I only need to truly love Duong” Ms. Van Khanh confided.

After challenging Duong for 2 years, until 2015, Ms. Van Khanh accepted to love Duong because “the rain has been pouring for a long time”. Duong’s sincerity moved Ms. Van Khanh, so she boldly stepped into love again.

When we asked about the couple’s address, Ms. Van Khanh smiled. : “Up until now we have addressed ourselves as ‘sister – brother’. And now that we’re married and have children, I asked Duong to change the way he addresses me, but Duong says he’s not used to it. Sometimes I tease, ‘I’m going to the market’, then Duong turns around and smiles, ‘I’ll let you go’. Just like that, we lived happily together.”

The strange love story of a teacher with a student 8 years younger than her

The love story of Nhu Italy (born 1982) and Kim Long (born 1990) are considered a particularly interesting love story not only because of the age difference but also because of the way they came together and maintained a beautiful marriage.

Twelve years ago Nhu Y was a Chemistry teacher and also the homeroom teacher of Long’s current class. Because he loves the funny young teacher with a charming smile, outside of class, Long still coosly calls “her” “sister”. When the teacher scolded him for being “messy”, the student smiled shyly: “You are only a few years older than me, so call me older sister.”

A year later, due to work pressure, Nhu Y resigned from teaching and moved out to work for the company, all contact with former students was therefore interrupted. After 6 years, suddenly one day Nhu Y received an acquaintance message on Facebook with the content: “Do you miss your students?”.

Seeing a familiar name, but when looking at the picture, Nhu Y did not recognize her student from that year. “Long looks like a mature adult, not like the image of a small student with dark skin,” she recalled with a smile.

Right after that, Long proactively texted the teacher to invite him for a drink. water. Instead of calling each other “girl – student” like before, the two called each other “sister – brother”. Confident conversations gradually increased. On Christmas Eve that year, Long was the one to confess his love first.

When they started making their relationship public, they encountered opposition from both sides family especially Nhu Y’s parents. The protest lasted more than a year many times, causing both of them suffering and falling into a deadlock. In contrast to Nhu Y’s weakness, Kim Long appears to be a mature and thoughtful man. He persistently proved his serious and sincere feelings for Nhu Y and convinced her parents to agree with their relationship. Finally, after many difficulties, both of them received the “nod” from their parents.

On June 6, 2015, the two’s wedding was solemnly held with the blessings of families on both sides. Up to now, Nhu Y and Kim Long’s small family has had another child member. Since having children, the two have changed a lot and their home has become more and more bustling.

Hiep Nguyen