Watermelon tree bearing fruit in the middle of a crowded street was “rescued” by Japan

A group of workers in Osaka city, Japan, was just mobilized to “rescue” a watermelon tree that had fruit right on the land of a hard median strip on a route with heavy traffic.

According to city officials, they decided to move the watermelon tree to a new place because of concerns about its appearance. can cause curious people to cross the street to take photos, causing unsafety traffic or damaged by bad guys.

It is known that a group of 8 workers carefully dug and planted melon trees. into a pot of soil. However, local officials have not yet decided where to plant it.

Information about melon plants Watermelons growing in the middle of the road are now receiving the attention of city residents. An expert said that watermelon plants grow in special environment and being able to produce such large fruit “is very surprising”.

“Watermelon flowers only bloom during short and needs proper pollination. When the weather is cold, this plant will die. However, I hope the people of Osaka will be able to see it even for a short time,” the expert said.

This is not the first time these species Familiar trees suddenly grow well on the streets of Osaka. Previously, in 2020, people here were excited about a white radish bush growing well on the stairs in front of the city’s station.

No one knows why radish bushes can grow in such a harsh environment. Even then it became the “main character” that many people came to take pictures of.