We will overcome the time of “surviving enemies on all sides”!

It must be affirmed that Vietnam has had an important initial success in the fight against the Covid – 19 virus pandemic. It has been 10 days (counted As of February 26), we have not detected any new cases of Covid – 19 virus infection.
The last patient among the 16 people with this disease who has been cured will be discharged from the hospital in the coming days. Hopefully, no one will be infected anymore.
This is a great effort of the State and People. contribution of Vietnamese medicine up to the present time.
But it is true to the spirit of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam when he compared epidemic prevention to a war. Up to this moment, we have won the first opening campaign but have not won the entire war.

It can be said that now is the most difficult time when we are facing the enemy on all sides. If in the past we only had to focus mainly on China, now the four sides are China, Korea, Japan and neighboring Cambodia.

These are countries where many people are currently in Vietnam and vice versa, where many Vietnamese are working and studying. that.

If in countries If the epidemic is not controlled, there may be tens of thousands of Vietnamese people returning and if there has ever been too much panic and fear, then now we need to be very careful with a subjective attitude of contempt.< /div>

Therefore at the online conference Deploying medical work 2020 and disease prevention Covid-19 on February 25, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam warned:
“I’m glad the situation came Today people understand better, unlike in the beginning when there were signs of excessive panic. However, I am also worried because here and there there are signs of subjective neglect. I would like to warn all levels of government not to be negligent.” Mr. Dam said.
This is Necessary attitude because just one small mistake can ruin all your efforts, time and money. People’s lives are threatened.
While on the other hand, life is not only about fighting epidemics but also having to work and produce to survive and develop because sooner or later the epidemic will pass and life will never stop.
Maybe that’s why at the meeting of the Standing Government on the afternoon of February 24 on Covid-19 epidemic prevention Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc directed the need to be resolute but calm in fighting the epidemic, trying to achieve the dual goal of both fighting the epidemic well and implementing socio-economic development tasks to ensure normal operations. often aimed at promoting production and business to maintain stability in all aspects of social life.
At the meeting of the National Financial and Monetary Policy Advisory Council on February 25, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also affirmed that “Vietnam is a safe country with good macroeconomics.” The great balance of the economy is maintained.
Epidemic for society is like illness for each individual, it is abnormal.
So the task is to both fight against the abnormal and maintain the normal because the illness will pass and life always needs changes. its inevitable need.
Mastering the abnormal and maintaining the normal is a very difficult task, but it must be overcome and I believe that life will soon return to normal after the abnormalities as it has always been.

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Bui Hoang Tam