What do Go Vap, Thi Nghe, Tau Hu canal, Chuong Dog intersection… mean?

Is a new and peaceful land Combining many ethnic groups such as the Khmer, Cham, Chinese… and at the same time being influenced by culture from Western countries, the places in Ho Chi Minh City have countless cultural and historical values.

Many The canal, the bridge, the alley, the piece of land… you know it by heart, but have you ever fully understood its meaning?

Based on the book Vietnamese Geographic Names by Associate Professor Dr. Le Trung Hoa, we I would like to send readers unique explanations about typical landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City, thereby helping everyone see the excitement of this Southern land.

Go Vap District

According to Associate Professor, Dr. Le Trung Hoa, this area was originally called Go Vap because this is a high land where many types of vap trees are grown – a hard, iron-like tree 15-20m high with dark brown bark and canopy. Broad leaves are still found on Truong Dinh (District 3) and Nguyen Dinh Chieu (District 3).

In the past, these trees grew into forests that protected the lives of the Cham people So in the Cham language, the name of the tree is Krai.

Can Gio District

Can Gio is located southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, the district center is Can Thanh town, about 50 km from the city center. Can Gio borders Nhon Trach district, Long Thanh district (Dong province). Nai) Phu My town (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) Can Duoc district Can Giuoc district (Long An province) Go Cong Dong district (Tien Giang province).

According to Associate Professor Dr. Le Trung Hoa, the name Can Gio originates from the Khmer phrase “Kanchoeu” meaning basket.

Cu Chi District

About Cu Chi, Associate Professor Dr. Le Trung Hoa explained that this was another name for the money tree in ancient times This type of tree is often grown, so it has been used to refer to the land in general.

Bay Hien intersection

According to Associate Professor Dr. Le Trung Hoa, Bay Hien is the name of a person who specialized in selling horse grass here in the early twentieth century. Famous as a wealthy and commercial landowner so after he passed away, his name was taken for the intersection.

This is the largest intersection in Go Vap district, including Quang Trung Pham Ngu Lao Nguyen Kiem Nguyen Oanh Tran Thi Nghi and Nguyen Van Nghi streets.

The French colonial period was here specifically At 679 Nguyen Kiem, there is a military dog ​​training school. In 1994, this school was moved to the North, but the folk name is still passed down and used by people.

Thi Nghe

The name Thi Nghe today refers to the boundary including many wards in Binh Thanh district, bordering District 1 (HCMC).

< p>Accordingly, Thi Nghe’s real name is Nguyen Thi Khanh, the daughter of the envoy Nguyen Cuu Van. In the past, she built a bridge so that her husband could easily travel to and from work across the Saigon River. Therefore, the bridge was named Thi Nghe The canal and the land where she lived were also called Thi Nghe. Her husband’s name was Thu so contemporaries called her Ba Nghe and then Thi Nghe.

Tau Hu Canal is about 6km long, flowing through districts 5, 6 and 8 of Ho Chi Minh City (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

Today, the canal is a very familiar place for Saigon people, especially where people gather to trade on boats during Tet. In ancient times, the canal also played an important role in the development of the city .

Accordingly, the original sound of the canal is Co Hu because in the past this canal had bulges like the neck of a jar. In 1819, King Minh Mang ordered Gia Dinh Deputy Governor Huynh Cong Ly The canal was dug wide to make it easier for boats to travel. After that, the canal was named An Thong, but people still used to call it Tau Hu.

Through the simple explanations above, we can see that This Southern land contains so many interesting and new things. Every piece of land, canals and alleys… carries countless cultural and historical values, no matter how many years have passed People are still used to calling them by such intimate names that are both lovely and precious!