What do you see from the failure of the Vietnamese team and Mr. Troussier?

On the evening of March 26, the Vietnamese team lost 0-3 to the Indonesian team in the 4th match, qualifying round 2 of the 2026 World Cup. A few hours later, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) announced send the message about “going our separate ways” with head coach Philippe Troussier, ending a dark period for the Vietnamese team.

Carpet night painting at My Dinh

Looking at what the Vietnamese team did under Mr. Troussier, many fans could not help but feel bored and the match against Indonesia was the most accurate measure of the team’s true strength. Vietnam team recently.

Remembering the “disastrous” evening of March 26 at My Dinh Stadium. reader Hoang Linh commented: “The final whistle sounded. The player sat down on the field with a blank face; The coach and his assistants were stunned and in a daze, while in the stands the fans were seething with anger at the weak performance and chanted “Troussier out”. Throughout the history of Vietnamese football, this is truly a scene that has never appeared, even when the team was under not very successful captains like Edson Tavares or Toshiya Miura. And even though I only witnessed it on the small screen, those images and sounds really left me haunted.

Mr. Troussier truly went down in the history of Vietnamese football with his bad achievements. It’s so bad that no one can repeat it. For the first time in history, we lost 3 consecutive matches to Indonesia at the team level; For the first time in history, our team lost 10 of the last 11 matches; For the first time in 20 years, we lost to Indonesia right at My Dinh… and there are many other firsts that fans probably never want to repeat. All in all, I have never seen in the history of the Vietnamese team a coach that the fans unanimously… turned their back on like that. Bored!”.

Shared the same mood, reader Hong Le felt: “An extremely sad and tragic day for Vietnamese football. On the field, the conservative coach is powerless on the bench; The players from reserve to main players had a superficial spirit, while in the stands, fans lit flares and spread crossbones banners, causing fights and bloodshed. A disastrous evening for Vietnamese football.”

“The feeling that the players were psychologically inhibited by the head coach’s way of controlling troops, a very blunt style of play but still had to obey” he < strong>Muoi Tran Van continued.

“In my opinion, the players probably agreed to skip the World Cup qualifiers to protest this “witch”. The players’ morale has never been so low. They are no longer hungry. They are lost in the midst of confusing strategies, their legs feel like lead, and they play erratically and aimlessly.

Behind The peak of glory is the abyss. Hopefully we will see that the Vietnamese team under the new dynasty can shake off the mud and stand up strong. Wishing all the players with hard and soft legs in the next 2 matches to have a beautiful farewell,” reader Truong Phuoc Ngoc recommended.

Need to look at this. internal of Vietnamese football

In the failure of the Vietnamese team, Coach Troussier is definitely the person most responsible and reality also reflected this when he had to leave. position as head coach. However, in addition to the responsibility of the French strategist, many people believe that this defeat is also an opportunity for fans to wake up and have a realistic look at the real strength of Vietnamese football.</p >

“Talking is easy, doing is difficult. I do not defend coach Troussier, but we need to recognize that the tactical style of football he built for the Vietnamese team is a modern style of football that requires a lot of physical strength and technique. If the player’s internal strength is good enough to meet the strategy, I think that style of football can help us reach the Asian level.

We should admit that our physical strength and technique are not up to the mark. With the needs of modern football, even if Quang Hai comes on the field, it will be difficult to turn the situation around and may completely be at a disadvantage in disputes with their players. VFF fired coach Troussier in time because he is not a suitable person for Vietnamese football, but finding a new coach will not be simple,” account owner Doan analyzed.

“Losing is right. Indonesian players are very high quality, tall, strong, and play simply but very effectively. While we play haphazardly without the players’ lessons, how can we be able to accompany their team’s players due to their lack of physical strength? I am not opposed to naturalization because as long as a player is recognized by that country as meeting all the criteria, they should be treated as citizens of that country and have the right to play for their national team. That’s what we need to pay attention to. There needs to be a more open mechanism to improve the quality of players,” reader Linh Khanh recognized.

Share the same opinion Le Hoang wrote: “Most Indonesian players in Europe have modern training at a higher level, but in all 3 matches they chose a very effective fast counter-attacking style of defense, using his own pragmatic playing style. Park to defeat Mr. Troussier’s empty “ball control” philosophy. From here we should see that the philosophy is not important, the important thing is to match the team’s strength and apply it successfully against each opponent.”

According to a user with the nickname Tom</ strong>This reader believes that from Mr. Troussier’s story, VFF should change the criteria for selecting coaches because it is not certain that Europeans can be suitable for the Vietnamese team. “Football thinking cannot immediately change our physical strength being inferior, we need to have appropriate countermeasures and tactics. East Asian coaches seem suitable or domestic coaches also have many good people who should be given a try. However, the most important thing is that youth football training needs to change,” this person emphasized.

“VFF terminating the contract with Mr. Troussier is wise. Thinking about it, I feel sorry for Mr. Troussier because as a coach, everyone wants to win, but because of his age, limited qualifications as well as differences in culture, he can’t help himself. Wishing you and your family good health, joy and happiness” said the account owner FFFFF .

Hoang Dieu