What form of confirmation do people from outside the province need to come to Hanoi?

Similarly, reader Pham Linh asked: Hanoi’s regulations are that if you want to go through checkpoints at the capital’s gateway, you need a company confirmation, but if you are a freelancer or I simply want to pick up my grandmother to take care of my grandchildren because they study online at home and I have to go to work. Where can I get a confirmation from the company?”.

According to Directive No. 22/CT-UBND of the Hanoi People’s Committee, people moving in and out of the city is still applied as before; 22 checkpoints at the capital’s gateway still control people entering and leaving spirit of Directive 16. Accordingly, each person needs 3 types of documents: Negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate, Citizen identification card/ID card and travel document issued by the agency/unit.

Specifically, people from other provinces and cities coming to the city to work in agencies and businesses that are allowed to operate need a confirmation from the agency or business unit according to the form.

For officials, employees, workers with a permanent address in Hanoi, who want to leave Hanoi to go to agencies and businesses in other provinces and cities, a confirmation letter is required. are officials, workers, and employees of an agency or enterprise unit in that province or city and a confirmation from the government of the place of residence according to the form.

In addition, cases ofentering and leaving the city</strong > For official reasons, epidemic prevention, diplomacy, transportation of workers, experts, in order to be able to move, people in these cases must have documents proving the performance of those official duties.

Lawyer Quach Thanh Luc, Hanoi Bar Association said that 45502 Hanoi People’s Committee has issued an official dispatch on unifying the form of documents used for a number of subjects eligible to travel in the city during the current period. social distancing period to create conditions for people from other provinces and cities to move out of Hanoi at the end of their treatment period at hospitals. In addition, to control the movement of the medical service force, workers currently living in suburban areas, shorten the declaration time to move into the City.

Sample of Travel Document to leave /enter the city according to the regulations of the Hanoi People’s Committee as follows:

So in case readers in Bac Ninh want to return to Hanoi to work or want to pick up family members to Hanoi, they can use the form of travel document as above. Follow this form if you If you are not affiliated with an enterprise, you can request confirmation from the People’s Committee of the commune/ward where you reside.