What privileges do organ donors enjoy?

Organ donation is a noble gesture that brings life opportunities to many others. Brain-dead people are encouraged to donate organs to save the lives of many people with incurable diseases who need organ transplants, but currently the number of organ donations from brain-dead people is not many.

Therefore, the source of donated organs for Current organ transplants still come from living people, usually blood relatives of the patient donating to their relatives. Although this form of organ donation is not encouraged, to ensure the rights and health of organ donors, the state has many medical support policies for them, one of which is being granted a lifetime health insurance card.

What privileges do organ donors enjoy?
What privileges do organ donors enjoy?

This regulation is reminded for the first time in the Law on Donation of Human Organ Tissue Transplantation and Body Donation in 2006. Specifically, Point b, Clause 2, Article 17 of this law stipulates the rights of people who have donated human organs to be granted free health insurance cards.</ p>

This regulation is specified in Decree 146/2018/ND-CP detailing and guiding measures to implement a number of articles of the Health Insurance Law in Clause 14, Article 3 of Decree 146 determine the health insurance of people who have donated human organs according to the provisions of law on organ tissue donation paid by the state budget.

In Clause 4, Article 11 of Decree 146, it is stipulated: “For person who has donated body parts according to the law agency social insurance based on paper discharged from the hospital by the medical examination and treatment facility where the organ donor provided this person with a health insurance card.”

In addition to being granted a free health insurance card, the organ donor also receives rehabilitation care. free health care immediately after organ donation; receive free periodic health checks; Priority is given to human organ tissue transplantation when there is a transplant indication from a medical facility.

Except for being granted a free lifetime health insurance card, the health insurance benefit of the organ donor is also based on the regulations. The law is as follows: