When 100% of karaoke bars had to close…

In my heart, I’m not sure if I’m sick of cake or sick of my wife. Well, to keep the house warm, I’ll just answer and blame the cake.

This time last year at a Las Vegas karaoke bar, reeling in the blaring music, feet up, legs shaking and mouths screaming. . The mouth only stops when there is a loving sister holding his chin and pouring beer into his thirsty throat.

Then best friends, sisters, partners will have the opportunity to live honestly without any hesitation. chief. When performing, beer sells well, taxis are crowded, motels are sold out, and medical biological products are also much more expensive. A karaoke bar also creates a value chain, contributing a lot of taxes to the economy.

Then, the bar burned, people died, someone sacrificed. The order to inspect and review 100% of shops was issued nationwide and thoroughly enforced in Hanoi. As a result, 100% of karaoke bars in Hanoi were closed due to fire prevention violations. This information was released by Hanoi City Police on the afternoon of December 26, 2022, when summarizing 60 peak days of reviewing and checking fire safety in the area.

What do we see through this from a legal perspective?

For many years we have been singing and dancing in places where fire safety is not guaranteed. for human life and health. Even though all of these unsafe places have been licensed to operate by the authorities, they are inspected annually.

What makes after just one comprehensive inspection all the results of compliance with the inspection law? Previous fire safety compliance removed? It may be that in the past, compliance with fire prevention and fighting was just a formality and a way of coping that lacked substance. Operating license certification of fire prevention and fighting conditions is incorrect or does not meet standards. There are negative aspects that cannot be ruled out.

When properly complying with current fire prevention and construction standards and complying with legal regulations, violations cannot be hidden. If the law is violated properly, there is no other choice but to temporarily suspend operations. As a result, 100% of karaoke bars closed but there were no or very few responsible managers.

What solutions are needed for business people and management agencies

The time has come for karaoke bars to strictly comply with the law on fire prevention and fighting. You should not keep the mentality of considering reducing fire prevention and fighting costs as an advantage in business.

When inspecting, the authorities will make a record and issue a penalty decision to apply remedial measures. The results must also clearly outline the violations that need to be corrected, the roadmap, the time limit for correction, and the corrective inspection to be eligible to resume operations. The clearer the error, the faster it can be fixed and the sooner the opportunity to resume business operations.

Both sides: managers and business people need to change their thinking in this relationship. If previously it seemed that priority in soft relations was given first, now it is necessary to adopt legal regulations and standards of behavior. It is necessary to balance soft relationships and legal regulations to create a balanced relationship, a harmonious way of behavior to help business activities develop stably and sustainably.

It will certainly be necessary a more detailed Government-level document to direct activities to correct violations to quickly bring 100% of violating karaoke bars back to operation as soon as possible.

Karaoke since newly formed has contributed to eliminating illiteracy as singers must be literate to participate. Today, besides the negative sides, this business has contributed a lot to the development of social progress, contributing taxes to the State, developing the value chain in the economy.

Should Consider bringing karaoke bars back to operation a political and economic task to revive the service industry after the pandemic, contributing to growth for the entire economy.

< em>Quach Thanh Luc