When “4 e” becomes a disaster!

A “new idiom”, a “formula” for recruiting and appointing cadres with the rhyme “eh” that has long been passed down in folklore, was uttered by the head of the State himself: a painful sadness.

The reality shows that the “four-element formula” has been warning of a danger to the nation.

The country is stagnant Because of this, independence and territorial integrity are threatened from here. Injustice also comes from here.

The seeds of disaster for the country also come from here. because “Cadres are the root of all work” as President Ho Chi Minh once said.

Equality is not something that has only appeared since ancient times Conclusion: “The son of a king becomes a king – The son of a monk at the temple sweeps banyan leaves.”

But in the present era, the situation “The son of a king becomes a king” cannot be allowed to happen. ” Authority cannot be a commodity that can be bought, sold, and exchanged…

Reply to Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper on September 3, article “Looking straight at the truth and acting truly”</em > Dr. Nguyen Huu Nhut Member of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Ho Chi Minh City said: The criteria for evaluating party members are still too general. There is a place where you can bring anyone up and bring anyone down. For example, if you want to bring up a person who is a “descendant of the ancestors”, you will explain that this person has a very strong class stance, but if you want to bring someone down, say he has an ambiguous class stance. Let me say, for example, that Mr. A and Ms. B are both party members, Mr. A was reported above as “the child of his father’s family is a party member”… But the problem is that his class stance and political stance are not just because he is this man’s son. That shouldn’t be the case. While other criteria are rarely mentioned or mentioned later. We must have specific criteria to evaluate talented people and should choose talented people.

“ I once asked students if they would return to their hometown to work when they finished studying, but everyone said no. Because when you return to your hometown, you have arranged for all your children and grandchildren, and there is no place for us to work anymore? Mr. Nhat said.

The President’s concerns or Dr. Nhut’s worries are something worth thinking about if the reality is reflected correctly like the proverb “4 e”. Because it is impossible to have a team of competent officials when the appointment is repeated based on “descendants”. There cannot be clean officials if the reappointment is based on “currency” to barter and buy.

There cannot be talented and caring officials if the reappointment is based on connections. The “relationships” are intricately overlapping and can be completely sectarian…

The country cannot develop sustainably if the cadres are “warm boys” who are well-behaved. Buying and selling with “currency” or “relationship”.

These are dangers called “four things” because they are one of the causes of “eroding the trust of people”. The people, for the State Party, our regime is a danger to the independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity of the Fatherland” as said by President Truong Tan Sang.

Bui Hoang Tam

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