Why do you still need a paper social insurance book if you have a VSSID?

Talking with Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance, a representative of Honest Partner Joint Stock Company, reflected that many employees of the company said that the data participating in social insurance on VssID (digital social insurance book) is not as complete as it should be. on paper books. When the employee complained to the human resources department, the company could not resolve the issue.

This person wondered if the lack of data on VssID would affect the employee’s social insurance benefits. future workers or not? What must employees do to fully update information on VssID?

Mrs. Phan Thi Mai, Head of the Department of Management of Social Insurance Cards in Ho Chi Minh City, said: “Currently, the VSSID system is being completed by Social Insurance. Therefore, there will be cases where employees working at previous companies in other provinces have already been issued social insurance books but are not updated in VssID.”

Why do you still need a paper social insurance book if you have a VSSID?

According to Ms. Mai, VssID does not update enough data. There are 2 cases when participating in social insurance for employees.

First, the employee is issued a green social insurance book by the old company. The data in these books has not been reviewed and updated to VssID Therefore, when an enterprise accepts employees with green books, they must contact the social insurance agency to make updated documents for the employees.

In the second case, the employee is issued a social insurance book with separate sheets. If the data has not been fully updated for the process of participating in social insurance on VssID, the enterprise should contact the social insurance agency managing the enterprise to request this agency to fully update the employee.

Mrs. Phan Thi Mai said: “Businesses can call the hotline 19009068 for support; Call the Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance Office via phone number 39979039, then dial the internal number 1707 to provide updated information to the city’s social insurance agency.”

Mrs. Mai hopes that businesses will actively cooperate Provide remaining social insurance participation information of employees so that the social insurance agency can fully update it.

“Update VssID so that in the future we will have a complete database of employee information Just go to VssID to know full information about the payment process as well as whether the unit owes social insurance money or not to ensure the rights of employees” Head of Department of Thumb Management – Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance Card emphasized. p>

Mr. Tran Dung Ha, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance also said: “If workers find that the data on VSSID is inconsistent with the actual participation process, they can respond so that the Social Insurance Agency can check and complete it. Because currently, the amount of data of employees participating in social insurance is very large. There are definitely shortcomings, we hope employees will sympathize.”

Also related to VssID, representative of ITTA Joint Stock Company wondered: “Truong In case an employee loses the separate sheets recording the process of participating in social insurance and VssID already has information about this participation process, does the employee need to find them again and apply for the above separate sheets?”.< /p>

Ms. Phan Thi Mai explained: “VssID is for employees to refer to the participation process, not a basis for social insurance to resolve benefits for employees. The social insurance agency does not use the data on the VSSID to resolve benefits for employees

Therefore, in cases where the VSSID has enough information, the employee still has to check the separate sheets and cover sheets to see the full details. closed process or not. If it is not enough, you must apply for re-issuance and then you can handle the social insurance benefits.”