Wild flowers from the village to the streets have become a hobby to “attract” customers

Wild banana is a wild plant that grows wild, mainly appearing in the northern mountainous provinces such as Lang Son, Lao Cai, Tuyen Quang, and Ha Giang.

In each region Depending on the soil, climate, and species, wild banana flowers have different colors and beauty. In some places, bananas are bright red or orange red, in others they are very attractive lotus pink.

In recent years, wild banana flowers have become a unique hobby loved by women. Don’t be afraid to spend money to buy it because of its special shape and eye-catching colors.

Unlike home garden bananas, which have flowers that hang down at the bottom and are a bit dull in color, wild banana flowers grow upright. In particular, this type of flower has a bright red color mixed with small green and yellow bananas that look very beautiful.

Around from December to The end of the first lunar month is the time when banana flowers bloom at their most beautiful colors, so local people often go to the forest to pick them. Red banana flowers shaped like lotus buds are likened to a flame of hope that stands out among the vast green forest. Therefore, when people in the mountains go to the forest and see bright red banana flowers blooming, their spirit becomes more excited and all their fatigue is dispelled.

This is also a flower that is believed to have many lucky meanings. Because the vibrant colors are suitable for home decoration or as spring gifts for relatives and friends.

Ms. Le Hang – a seller of wild banana flowers on the online market in HH Linh Dam urban area (district Hoang Mai Hanoi) said that this year he imported 100 flowers, but customers have ordered almost all of them.

“I still vividly remember when I was in 3rd grade, a friend brought wild banana flowers to give to the teacher. This is The rustic flower that is closely associated with the childhood of mountain students like me is cherished to be a bridge to bring natural beauty closer to every home while helping mountain people increase their income, so I decided to decide. collect wild banana flowers to sell. Luckily, many customers know and support this wild flower,” she said.

According to this woman, wild banana flowers are sold at prices ranging from 30,000 – 70,000 VND/flower depending on the size and beauty. For flower branches with more luxuriant berries, the price is higher.

Explaining the expensive price, which is higher than imported flowers, Ms. Hang said that flowers are collected from deep forests, which costs people a lot. The time and effort required to pick the quantity is not much.

Besides, transporting flowers out of the forest and bringing them to the lowlands is quite difficult. The process of transporting this type of flower must be gentle and careful to get beautiful wild banana flowers that will not be damaged in the hands of customers.

2 years into the hobby of wild banana flowers, Ms. Ngoc (Dong Da district) often “watches” the season and buys dozens of flowers to decorate her house.

According to her, wild banana flowers are very easy to play. Because it is a plant that grows wild in the wild, it can withstand harsh weather conditions. People who like flowers just need to put them in jars to their liking and pay attention to adding enough water.

“I bought wild banana flowers to arrange and anyone who comes to visit and see the bright red flower vase always compliments me. “The flowers are durable and bright and can last for more than a month before fading, so it’s cheap, not expensive,” Ms. Ngoc said.

Wild banana flowers are long-lasting and can be used for 2-8 weeks depending on the season. initial bloom. Therefore, even though the price is quite high, many hotels, restaurants, and working families are interested in ordering this unique flower.