Young tutor was shocked when he was denied teaching fees and threatened to “ask for a leg”

Loss of money

In addition to losing my salary and time during the 2 months of teaching and preparing lesson plans, I was also mentally tortured. I was even threatened to be a gangster… asking for a leg.” Hoang Long (22 years old, living in Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City) shivered, recalling the feeling of fear not long ago.

At that time, it was new. Going to college, Long signed up to be an after-school tutor for 2 elementary school children with a salary of 5 million VND/month.

At the end of the first month, Long was scheduled by Ms. D. (the mother of the 2 children) for 2 months. One month payment will be made. Trusting the teaching place introduced by a friend, Long agreed, but a few days later, Ms. D. asked to increase the number of teaching sessions but had to keep the same salary. It was acceptable so I decided to stop. Initially, she promised to pay after 2 weeks, but when she made an appointment, she kept giving excuses,” Long said.

A few days after seeing an article denouncing Ms. D. on social networks and similar behavior with many other students, Long was incensed. He immediately texted asking for money but only received curses and threats in return.

“At that time I realized I was not the only victim. Many other students also accepted jobs and were denied money. Question The above story taught me a valuable lesson: no matter what you do, you must have a clear contract in writing,” Hoang Long remembered.

Similarly, Thanh Tuyen (24 years old, living in Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh City) was also scammed into the scam. multi-level shape. Accordingly, the first year of university was still quite empty, so Tuyen decided to find a part-time job.

“I used social networks to scan for friends recently and had a conversation with an older guy. At first we just talked to get to know each other, then he asked if he would work more and agreed to introduce me to the job,” Tuyen said.

Tuyen was scheduled to meet at a facility in Phu Nhuan district. At first, everyone welcomed them warmly and organized many games to create connection. Especially because there were also many other students present, Tuyen completely trusted it.

“After playing happily, we started the interview. Within more than 1 hour we had to talk: 1 with the other side makes me very tired. They always start with the story of how difficult family life was to make ends meet until they met this drug company. They hit hard on the mentality of having easy money while doing light work makes students gullible” Tuyen said.

After the interview, Tuyen was asked to sign a contract and pay 500,000 VND for membership card and uniform fees. “When I saw them winking at each other, I had a premonition that something was wrong. I said I had 250,000 VND left in cash and then made an excuse to leave. Knowing this was a multi-level model, I accepted to lose that money. to escape…” Tuyen said.

Psychological panic because of debt

Although she escaped, Tuyen was constantly bothered after that, making it impossible for the young student to concentrate on her studies. “Finally, I decided to block all of these people’s information so I could live in peace,” the young girl said.

Not as lucky as Tuyen, one of her friends later still registered with the company. Multilevel. Tuyen said they were very close, but suddenly her friend disappeared from social networks for a year.

Some time later, this person came back to ask Tuyen about her job, sharing that she had stopped going to college. and has an abundant life thanks to his current job.

“Seeing that I wasn’t easily swayed, he didn’t pressure me anymore. The following year, I saw him post sad information and asked about it, and he told me about his corruption. Due to too much pressure, he returned home and joined the military,” Tuyen said.

Surveying on social networks, there were dozens of groups. Student jobs. Immediately after the reporter joined, many virtual accounts immediately contacted us to share their work and request to receive personal information for a more detailed description.

The main job is to sell goods, write advertising articles, teach extra classes, distribute leaflets… with attractive conditions such as flexible hours and high income of up to 300,000 VND/day, making it easy for students to fall into the trap.

N.D.T (20 years old, residing in Binh Duong) cannot describe it all. The feeling of panic when being drawn into a club that shares the secret to getting rich. After 6 hours of continuous conversation, he was tortured by phone messages day and night.

“I was lucky to escape early without any property damage, but from then on I was like a hedgehog. I get angry with everyone. I’m wary of everything and see multiple levels everywhere, so I close myself and am afraid to communicate” N.D.T shared.

What do students need to prepare when they first come to the city to enroll? strong>

Once shared on Dan Tri newspaperDr. Tran Dinh Ly (Vice Principal of Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry) said university is a very special environment for the world. young generation. When you enter the university threshold, you begin to get used to life away from home, gradually becoming independent and responsible.

Through your own experience and through witnessing many stories that are not Mr. Ly has many things to say to new students. In particular, students must clearly identify the mindset that learning is always the most important thing. Avoid pitfalls. Especially new students in localities who have just moved to the city for the first time are easily lured by pitfalls that they do not anticipate. can’t imagine.

Please stay away from unclear activities that are not sponsored or introduced by the school. Absolutely stay away from participating in religious organizations that are unclear and have not been licensed.