Young women cut their hair to give to cancer patients

The most meaningful job of the year

Before Christmas 2021Do Thi Nhi (21 years old from Thai Binh, a student at the University of Commerce) decided to cut her hair short after more than 3 years of growing it to donate to the Hair Library of the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network (BCNV). On her free day, looking around online, Nhi accidentally saw a video of a friend donating her hair to a cancer patient.

When her hair was still curly, she didn’t donate her hair because she thought it wasn’t related to herself. Actually, I had a glimmer of the idea of ​​donating my hair, but I didn’t have the tolerance and courage to cut my hair. Maybe because I love myself too much, I was hesitant,” Nhi confided.

Some time later, Nhi received bad news about loved ones in her family having cancer and gradually leaving her. Her grandmother had pelvic cancer and passed away nearly 3 years ago. Her uncle’s older sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor from a common headache and had to undergo radiation treatment and passed away a year later when she was just 18 years old.

Nhi said that she still remembers the feeling of witnessing the physical and mental pain that the disease caused to her relatives. “Our girls really like hair. Every time I lose a few strands, I feel so sad, so how sad is it for cancer patients like my sister who have to undergo radiation therapy and suffer physical pain and lose their white hair on their heads? “The female student shared.

She gradually understood that short hair will grow long but not for cancer patients. Not only do they lose their hair, but they may also lose many things, even the right to live like everyone else. So when she learned that the donated hair would be made into wigs to give to female cancer patients, Nhi courageously “cut off” her beautiful, naturally long hair to send to the Hair Library.

She believes that her hair will live again and wants to spread love and confidence to women who are unfortunately sick so that they can live a happier and more meaningful life.

People often say that long, shiny hair makes Nhi more beautiful, so after cutting her hair, some of her classmates felt strange. “Honestly, after cutting it, I still miss my old hair because as a girl, everyone wants to have long, flowing hair. Especially for someone like me. But I don’t regret it! This is something I feel feel the most meaningful in 2021” Nhi affirmed.

2 locks of hair with Nhi’s handwritten letter to cancer patients.

After cutting her hair and sending it to the Hair Library by mail, Nhi’s parents were initially afraid that scammers would take her hair and sell it to make money. However, when she received a thank you letter from BCNV, her parents believed and went to share this meaningful program with relatives and many people in the neighborhood.

Nhi posted her hair donation story. I went to Facebook and received the attention of my friends. She has taught people how to take care of their hair to qualify for donation and hopes that in the next few years, she will be able to join her friends in donating hair to cancer “warriors” many more times.

If you can’t donate blood, then… donate your hair

Agreeing with NhiPhan Vu Thu Trang (26 years old marketing staff in Ho Chi Minh City) shares that hair is very important for children girls, so for female cancer patients, it is even more necessary. “My hair will grow out and the female cancer patient will not. I love hair but someone out there needs it more” Trang expressed.

When she was a student, Trang participated in a program that Ms. Nguyen Thuy Tien – co-founder of BCNV should know about. This hair donation program is full of humanity. After Lunar New Year Nham Dan 2022, she decided to cut her long hair to donate to the Hair Library.

“Before, I once cut it and then thought about giving it away, but I didn’t. I learned in advance about the standards for donated hair, so I had to give it up because it wasn’t long enough. It’s a shame! This time, I took good care of my hair.” Trang said that the day she got her hair cut was very fun!

According to Trang, when she had long hair for several years, she also wanted to change her fashion sense. Moreover, donating hair is meaningful to the community, so she feels very satisfied with this good deed. “I really wanted to donate blood before, but I had low blood pressure so I couldn’t donate. So I switched to donating hair to cancer patients. This is a meaningful thing in my life. I feel very proud. !” Trang said.

Trang’s work has received the support of her family. Trang’s mother worked in a charity organization, so she inspired her to do good deeds. People around were very concerned and texted to ask about the standards for donated hair and the receiving address… A classmate who knew about Trang’s story also had her hair cut to donate.

“I think it’s a good thing to do.” My work is not only meaningful to the recipient but also contributes to spreading to the community so that more and more people donate hair to help cancer patients share.

Hair Library is a wig program made from real hair sources contributed by the community and provided free of charge to cancer patients poor lost her hair due to chemotherapy.

This is support initiated by the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network in 2015, built on a real need to help patients gain more confidence and courage to fight. cancer.

1/ Eligible hair:

  • Natural hair with a length of 25cm or more;
  • All types of hair that have been treated with chemicals (permed, dyed, straightened…) with a length of 35cm or more;
  • For curly hair: No need to straighten it, just use your hand to straighten it to measure the length standard length;
  • Hair that has been cut and stored for no more than 2 years from the date of cutting can be donated but must be bundled (braided) into a set and fully meet the above conditions
  • Particularly encouraged to donate gray hair and salt and pepper hair.

Note:Before going for a haircut, you should wash your hair thoroughly and dry your hair to preserve it better (washing your hair with natural fragrances is recommended). Hair should be divided and tied into bundles before cutting and shaving.

2/ Invalid hair:

  • Wet hair:
  • Hair is shorter than the standard length specified above;
  • Hair has been cut and falls on the floor;
  • Hair must not be tightly braided with elastic bands;
  • Wigs and hair extensions;
  • Damaged hair.

3/ Who can donate hair and how?

3/ Who can donate hair and how?


Anyone can cut their hair and donate it to the BCNV Hair Library in case they comply with the above hair eligibility conditions;

You cut your own hair at home or cut at hair salons or partner hair salons in BCNV’s Hong Hair Salon Network. BCNV office does not provide in-person hair cutting services.

4/ Special notes

Place donated hair in an envelope for mailing (limit the use of zip bags, plastic bags, nylon wrap, bubble wrap, too much tape);

Tie your hair with yellow elastic bands (or elastics of similar material). Do not use hair elastic bands such as black elastic bands because this type of elastic can easily break and melt in hot weather.

Dyeed, permed hair may not be used to create a wig if the hair quality is weak. However, this type of hair will be sold to fund production costs, manage and maintain the activities of the Hair Library;

BCNV complies with the personal information security policies of hair donor and will send a confirmation email thanking you within 90 days;

Participating in donating hair to BCNV means you agree to give full rights to use the hair. your for the organization. (In addition to being processed into wigs for use by cancer patients, hair can be donated directly to patients to sell to offset hair processing costs, etc.)

5/ Location Only accept hair donations:

Send via delivery services or send directly to the address:

Vietnam Breast Cancer Network – Hair Library

– Address: 122/11 Pho Quang, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City

– Office phone: 0961.924.300

– Hair reception time: 10am – 5pm (From Monday to Friday every week)