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Paradise Bay, a vacation rental company, lost 2.3 billion VND/day

Zone Company Limited travel Paradise Bay has just announced its financial data for 2022. According to information from the National Business Registration Portal, this company has the following industry business is real estate business. However, usually Information in the information release states that the main field of activity is the construction and operation of the […]

The real estate game of the billion-view “tycoon” who owns Rap Viet and Masked Singer

With the strong development of media over the past 10 years, reality television programs (game shows) have become indispensable content for television stations. A series of popular game shows were born such as Rap Viet, Masked Singer, Who is That Person. These programs bring in millions of views for each episode broadcast on VieON’s Youtube […]

Commune chairman and village head sell land without authority and legal consequences

However, when the buyer uses and applies for a land use right certificate, many unusual things happen. They are like “illegal residents” right on the very land they paid for. Lawyer Quach Thanh Luc, director of Legal Law Firm, Hanoi Bar Association has provided legal perspectives on the sale of land by the village chairman […]

From the “Nemo Trang” case: Overbearing online, paying the price in real life

The 9-month prison sentence for disturbing public order for the philandering hot girl – Trang Nemo” serves as a wake-up call to those who are using social networks to challenge the law. Party Besides the noisy incident of fighting and injuring Nguyen Xuan Huong Trang – Trang Nemo, many people believe that the incident would […]

9 common real estate scams that are the easiest for people to fall into

2022 is a year real estate market has many unusual fluctuations. However, the attraction of real estate investment has never ceased to be attractive and many scams still occur regularly. . From the actual experience of a legal consultant, lawyer Doan Trung Hieu (Hanoi Bar Association) shares with Dan Tri common forms of fraud takes place […]

Why do you still need a paper social insurance book if you have a VSSID?

Talking with Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance, a representative of Honest Partner Joint Stock Company, reflected that many employees of the company said that the data participating in social insurance on VssID (digital social insurance book) is not as complete as it should be. on paper books. When the employee complained to the human […]

Ciputra – Indonesian real estate legend passed away at the age of 88

“We have truly lost a beloved father, grandfather and outstanding leader who has always been a role model ideal for children and grandchildren as well as the Ciputra Group family.” Ms. Rina Ciputra Sastrawinata – Mr. Ciputra’s eldest daughter expressed her condolences for her late father. Mr. Ciputra is the founder and chairman of Ciputra […]

What to do when you disagree with the injury assessment conclusion?

Many readers sent questions to Dan Tri newspaper, wondering what to do when the injury assessment conclusion is not clear and accurate? Lawyer Tran Xuan Tien, head of Dong Dong law office, had answers surrounding this issue. Accordingly, the expert’s conclusion is one of the sources of evidence collected according to legal proceedings. serve as […]

Flamingo Ibiza Hai Tien – new destination for travel enthusiasts

Thanh Hoa’s real estate market is more exciting at the end of the year when investor Flamingo Holdings is preparing to start construction on the Light Square villa phase 2 with many unique products. Many investors are targeting these products because they appreciate the location, utility chain and effective business potential. Prime location – destination […]

Don’t forget to learn the basics

There have been many conferences and many educational reform projects, but they only focus on strong in cities and provincial centers and districts, it is even harder to come close to the reality of rural education in general and mountainous areas and ethnic minority areas in particular. Education reform that Starting from the textbook program, […]