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Controversy at TNR Stars Dong Van project: What do leaders of Ha Nam province say?

People continuously complain and protest TNR Star Dong Van project” is considered located in a prime location of Dong Van town, Duy Tien town, province Ha Nam with an area of ​​46 hectares including 1,570 lots of adjacent villas and shophouses priced from 7-12 million/m2 (500 million VND to 2 billion VND/lot). In addition to […]

Inside a 150-year-old “haunted” castle worth millions of dollars

< figure class="image" contenteditable="false">In 1961, a motorway construction plan threatened the existence of Albion Castle. Luckily one of the only natural water sources located beneath the castle saved it from destruction. From then on, Albion’s owner had to sign a commitment document allowing city residents to take refuge in the castle if a nuclear disaster […]

If you have an income of about 30 million VND/month, how much should you buy a house?

The market is disappearing for apartments under 25 million VND/m2 Recent information about the real estate market, the Ministry of Construction said, the number of projects Newly approved and completed housing developments decreased compared to previous years, leading to quite limited supply to the market. However, house prices tend to increase beyond the financial ability […]

The Royal Wave Park artificial wave lake complex sets a world record

The record certificate awarding ceremony took place on the opening night of the opening week of the City of Light Square and a series of summer welcoming events at the 1,200ha Vinhomes coastal urban complex. In addition to the above world record, the leaders of the Vietnam Records Organization also awarded two Vietnamese records to […]