The Secret Will Be Revealed About Agarwood Wood In The Next Post!

In life, everyone has heard of  agarwood  and the wonderful uses this tree brings. Agarwood is a miracle of nature that any agarwood seeker understands.

Thus, agarwood has any valuable secrets for anyone to want to own. Drop yourself into the world of bass in the following article.

Information about agarwood


It takes a lot of time for agarwood to form. In folklore, the saying “In pain, Do turns into Agarwood”, refers to the process of agarwood formed from the sap secreted by the Do Bau tree when the trunk is damaged.

Do tree is a very light tree about 1m long and can be hugged by a person, can only be used as fuel and is rarely used. However, from this valuable tree, an extremely valuable product is produced. When the tree is injured, the trunk secretes an oily substance to resist penetration from the outside. Over time, this layer of oil accumulates and turns into frankincense.


Both belong to the group of precious woods, but  marble,  holywood, rosewood have different characteristics.

Agarwood has a very clear characteristic that is mentioned right from its name. Agarwood gives off a special scent even when not burning or burning. The scent is light and characteristic. When the amount of oil in the tree is 25%, the tree can be submerged in water. Natural frankincense usually has an oil content of 60% to 80%.

Place of birth

Agarwood is the wood containing many aromatic resins born from the trunk of the Do tree. Ỏ Vietnam the tree often occurs in the provinces of Quang Ninh, Bac Giang, Hoa Binh to Kien Giang. Not as widely distributed in the west of Quang Tri as red mussel wood. According to research experts, agarwood occurs a lot in the Central Coast and Central Highlands provinces.

Distinguishing agarwood

  • Agarwood is a floating bass that appears on the trunk of the Do tree. Solid bass piece, no holes or caves.
  • Agarwood roots form from the roots of plants and can be completely submerged under water. Agarwood is similar to Ky Nam agarwood but has not reached perfection like Ky Nam
  • Agarwood ant is a type of agarwood that has holes or caves because ants make a nest before forming Melaleuca. The characteristic of agarwood ants is that they can sink under water. Agarwood ant is an extremely
  • valuable type 2 agarwood that is divided into many types: green ants, scallop ants, needle ants, floor wall ants, sword thorns, hole ants, white ants, and black ants.
  • Ky Nam is considered the rarest type of agarwood in the above mentioned types. Ky Nam has the largest amount of oil, has flexibility with all kinds of bitter and sweet flavors. The wood is gentle, green smoke, long straight up.
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Male agarwood is divided into 4 types: Bach Ky, Thanh Ky, Huynh Ky and Hac Ky

Characteristics of agarwood

  • Wood Quality: Agarwood is solid, strong and heavy. Agarwood contains a lot of oil with a content of over 25%, which can sink into water depending on the amount of oil in the agarwood. However, agarwood is naturally formed due to damage from lightning strikes, thunderstorms or bombs, so it is diverse in shape and size. The quality of the hardness of cedar is also not equal to that of ebony.
  • Value: Thanks to its unique flavor, agarwood has high economic value, bringing great benefits. Frankincense also has many beneficial uses for human health.

Uses of frankincense wood

Making essential oils

Frankincense essential oil is a yellow or amber colored liquid. Oily, viscous and flexible. The characteristic warm scent of wood, mild but not harsh, can prevent cancer.

Agarwood essential oil can be used as a flavoring agent in the production of perfumes and high-end cosmetics with a gentle yet seductive scent. Cosmetics with frankincense essential oil can remove freckles and acne spots to help beautify the skin.


In oriental medicine, there are many medicinal herbs such as frankincense. Agarwood has the effect of reducing gas, recharging the kidneys, priming the yang, and the jar. Agarwood can be used to treat abdominal pain, chest pain, asthma, diuretic, pain relief and calmness.

Certain types of wood also have health benefits, although without the fragrance. For example, needles.

Making incense

Agarwood can be made into agarwood for direct burning. Agarwood has a slightly pungent smell, high burning properties. When burned, it will spread a characteristic aroma that cannot be mixed with other essential oil scents such as that of dandelion wood. Agarwood incense helps create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere, very suitable for use in the bedroom.

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Feng shui bracelets

Agarwood is used a lot to make bracelets that are very popular with feng shui. Agarwood rings have the effect of restraining anger or anger, reminding the wearer of compassion. Agarwood scent emanating from the arms brings refreshment to the spirit, clears the mind and reduces stress in life.

The main use of frankincense depends on the scent and essential oils it carries. Not made of wood like walnut or other trees.

Distinguish real – fake agarwood, natural – artificial

  • Natural Agarwood has the color of natural wood, unlike the color of industrial grade Melamine.. It is not too shiny, on the wood grain contains oil, the more oil grain, the higher the amount of essential oil. When held in the hand, natural agarwood is heavy, has a natural scent and has high health value. When unburnt, agarwood has a gentle scent, when lit, the scent will be more intense, very little smoke, sweet, so it stimulates the spirit of relaxation.
  • There are two main types of artificial agarwood: compound agarwood and agarwood agarwood. Artificial agarwood gives the same scent as natural agarwood but has a very dark color, the oil veins are not clearly visible.
  • Fake agarwood is usually made of different types of wood and is impregnated with agarwood scent, dyed in deep color, so it is often dark in color and has an eye-catching glossy color. Due to being dyed, the oil layer is not visible, the feeling is light and the hand is not sure. Over time, the color layer can fade. Agarwood has a strong, harsh scent, an unpleasant feeling when inhaled. When burning, there is often a lot of smoke, burning smell, difficulty breathing and burning eyes.
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The price of agarwood

Depending on each type of agarwood, there will be different prices, the difference in price represents the rarity of agarwood. The price of natural agarwood will be much higher than that of artificial agarwood.

The price of natural agarwood ranges from a few hundred to several billion dong:

  • Agarwood is priced from a few hundred to several million dong
  • Agarwood ants have prices ranging from several hundred million or more
  • Agarwood roots are often traded through hands of great value
  • Agarwood agarwood costs up to billions of dong.

The price of artificial agarwood is about several tens of millions per kg, of which oil pressed agarwood costs about 5 million dong.