Revealing All Information About Iron wood

Iron wood is a rare wood species and is widely used in our country in many fields such as construction, handicraft manufacturing and high-class furniture.

Currently, although the quantity of ironwood in Vietnam is not much, its precious values still last with time. The article reveals all the information about ironwood, surely after reading it, you will want to own an item made of this wood right away.

What is ironwood? There are several common types of wood


Ironwood often grows with many other broadleaf species in multi-layered forest environments where vegetation is abundant. It is distributed throughout Vietnam. Most common in provinces: Bac Giang, Da Nang, Lang Son, Nghe An, Quang Tri, Thai Nguyen, Thanh Hoa, Yen Bai, .. In the world, ironwood is distributed mainly in the provinces of Guangdong, Quang West of China.

Lim is a tree of high value

Ironwood is a very hard, strong and heaviest tree of all types of wood. This is a type of tree that is classified as rare, with an age of 100-300 years. Mature trees can be over 30m tall. Stem straight, round, base with small edges, bark brown.

Wood classification

Green Iron wood

This is a type of ironwood of Vietnam that often grows in the mountains of the Central Highlands. The characteristic of this type of wood is that when freshly cut, the wood has a mixed yellow and green color. Then it gradually turns dark brown. Young wood has sapwood yellow-brown. Mature wood has a dark yellow color that is different from the characteristics of other woods.

On the market today, green ironwood and Lao ironwood are considered to be of good quality. It is in the top of the precious timber trees. That’s thanks to advantages such as durable, hard wood and not infested by termites. Their properties are similar to those of peach and melaleuca wood. Both are resistant to pressure and good compression, do not warp and expand when used for a long time.

Laos Iron wood

Growing in the old forests of Laos, this variety has inherited many outstanding characteristics. They have high hardness, solid wood, smooth and resistant to termites, stem borers. They usually have a very strong smell. May cause allergies to the nose so you need to be careful during mining and crafting.

Laos Ironwood imported into Vietnam has stable growth conditions and long life. Should be evaluated with the best quality from the color, wood quality and wood volume. Natural Lao ironwood has a bright color, usually dark red or dark brown. When undergoing processing and color spraying, Lao ironwood will have a shiny color thanks to its very good paint adhesion. Products made from this material are considered to have natural colors and very high aesthetics.

Natural Lao ironwood has a bright color, usually a deep red color

South African ironwood

Green ironwood, Lao ironwood and South African ironwood have many different characteristics. Specifically, items made from South African ironwood have good stability and bearing capacity. Although not more prominent than Lao ironwood, they are appreciated for their lighter density. So it is also more convenient for transportation, mining and processing.

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Lao ironwood grain is long and beautiful, tom wood is smoother. South African ironwood, when put into use, usually has a lower life expectancy, so it is a bit rough and has a lower hardness than Lao ironwood. The major disadvantage of South African ironwood is that the color is not fresh. Paint adhesion is poor, so more processing steps are needed to produce the finished product. The iron wood grain is as beautiful as the ground wood grain. They all have very high economic value. Crafted as a south african ironwood wardrobe, bed…

Characteristics and applications of ironwood in today’s life

Ironwood is one of the most precious woods today. Because it has a very nice, sharp twist and has stable properties. The wood is iridescent red, the wood grain is smooth, hard, bright and durable.

This is a well-known and highly valued hardwood. Commonly used for construction, shipbuilding, board and column building. Iron wood, like green cypress, is waterproof.

At present, in families, this wood is also used to make altars. Stairs, doors and windows, tables and chairs, making far-flung columns, supporting columns. Used for doors, flooring, stairs, wooden furniture. However, consumers also limit the use of this wood in making beds because of spiritual factors.

Furniture made from ironwood has a long life and high aesthetics, which can be used for hundreds of years. Even after a long period of time, it has not changed. Currently, because of the value of this wood, they are often over-exploited, leading to the government banning the exploitation of ironwood in the country. Therefore, most of us often use imported wood types. Although “expensive in pieces”, it is undeniable that the preciousness of this wood.

When using ironwood items, you should avoid contact with water or frequently wet areas. Because this will reduce the life and aesthetics of the product. If it is imperative to use wood in a humid environment. We must have appropriate moisture-proof methods.

The longer ironwood is kept, the more precious it is

Ironwood wardrobe

One of the many uses of ironwood is to make ironwood wardrobes. Cabinets have many designs with different designs: from modern, classic, neoclassical all can be made. Meet most of the customer’s needs. So when using ironwood wardrobes, you will have many choices of designs to suit your preferences. There are no restrictions on choosing such as industrial cabinets, aluminum and plastic cabinets, etc.

Ironwood is considered a good wood with very little warping. Therefore, it is used to make decorative items, including wardrobes. Ironwood cabinets are very durable, the longer you use them, the more glossy the color will be. Wood material is safe for users and environmentally friendly. Here are some beautiful ironwood wardrobe styles for your reference:

Model 1: 4-door ironwood wardrobe


The wardrobe has 4 doors and 3 large storage compartments. Made from high quality ironwood material, with the wood grain on the surface being sunken and painted prominently. Sculptural patterns are accented at the four corners, making the cabinet slimmer due to its straight contours.

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Model 2: South African ironwood wardrobe

gỗ lim 5

The wardrobe is designed simply, but still extremely sleek and luxurious. Because of the natural beauty of ironwood, it is not necessary to be sophisticated enough to win the hearts of many customers. Looking at this cabinet, you can feel its solidity.

Model 3: Ironwood wardrobe for family clothes

gỗ lim 6

The design of the cabinet is quite eye-catching, no frills, but it makes an impression from the first time on the viewer. Traditional matte yellow cabinets, wooden slats are arranged in prominent veins. Very simple, but the beauty value is hard to describe. If you actually experience this product, you won’t need to think much to make a choice.

Model 4: Wooden wardrobe with beautiful clothes

tủ gỗ lim

The model has a rather distinctive design in terms of color. Interwoven between light and dark brown wood creates a uniqueness compared to other cabinets. The cabinet includes 3 large drawers and small drawers below. Large compartments you can use to store or wear at home, work items. As for the office clothes, they can be hung, so the wooden hooks are made separately in 1 compartment. As for the small drawers, you can keep small items, many people also use it as a place to keep their wallet. Drawers for clean shoes.

Model 5: Neoclassical male african ironwood wardrobe

The luxurious and noble neoclassical cabinet design is a symbol of status. And this cabinet has those things, possesses a very luxurious color and is never afraid of going out of style. The high-class ironwood wardrobe model is meticulously sculpted with wood grain to create a multiplier for the cabinet. When arranging this south african wood wardrobe, you can identify with other furniture in the room.

Wooden wardrobe rack

Ironwood wardrobe is considered a precious wood with economic value. On the market today, depending on the style, model and size, the price can be determined. Therefore, the price of ironwood wardrobe is also very diverse. There are cabinets at the price from 15,000,000 VND to 25,000,000 VND, with moderate size, no fussy design. But with cabinets with sophisticated design, many decorative patterns, its value can be up to several tens of millions of dong, even many rich giants own cabinets up to nearly hundred million. Therefore, to know the price and other warranty policy, the best way is to go directly to reputable sellers to order for a detailed quote.

Why is ironwood so precious?

Timeless Durability

Iron wood is extremely durable, even if it is soaked in mud or in water for many years, it will not absorb water or rot. Unlike some acrylic laminates. Even if you put them in the sun, they will not deform or crack. When the wood is left for a long time or soaked in the mud, the wood surface only turns black. The natural color will be restored to its original state if it is processed and sprayed with paint. So it is very popular with customers.

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The longer ironwood is kept, the more precious it is

The characteristics of ironwood such as beautiful, bright wood grain with a characteristic twist shape are always timeless. If we want to preserve the best ironwood, after a period of use, we can polish it. Or refinish the surface to keep the wood fresh. The items made from ironwood not only bring luxury. It also shows the level of the user.

Iron wood is not damaged, warped, stretched or cracked

Inside the wood has aromatic essential oil, so it is effective against termites. The strong and durable wood helps the wood to keep its original shape. However, the aroma of ironwood does not come out as much as sassafras or incense.

High temperature resistance, impact resistance and good pressure

Hard wood, strong, heavy and good compressive strength. Especially not discolored during use.

Contributing to creating perfect interior products

ironwood sticks to screws very well because the wood is dense and strong. Should be widely used in crafting. It makes the details of the product to be completed with high precision. In particular, ironwood’s good and long-lasting paint color adhesion makes household items always retain their elegance and not lose value.

Comparison of redwood and ironwood

In fact, redwood and ironwood have many similarities with each other. Such as strength, relative hardness. Beautiful and characteristic wood grain. They are less prone to warping and are naturally resistant to termites. To compare the difference between these two types of wood, we can rely on the following factors:

  • Color: The color of ironwood is often darker and less bright than the color of redwood. No matter how long red oak is aged, its color will still be brighter than that of ironwood.
  • Natural scent: In fact, ironwood will have a natural and very specific smell. Even if there are thorough processing and drying stages. Meanwhile, you won’t smell any scent on the redwood.
  • Hardness of wood: Comparing the hardness, red oak wood is slightly better than ironwood. Because of the wood structure characteristics of red oak is somewhat denser.