Applications of Cherry Wood (Cherry Wood)

Bringing special advantages: straight, beautiful wood grain, good termite resistance…  Cherry wood  (cherry wood) is strongly applied in making home furniture products.

What is cherry wood?

Called with the name cherry, or the scientific name Prunus serotina – cherry tree wood. A high-class wood, with luxurious colors, soft, light, malleable wood, especially with even and beautiful waves. Therefore, cherry wood has long been trusted and selected by manufacturers. To manufacture special furniture products for each apartment.

The cherry tree has white or light pink flowers, and the cherry leaves are as small as plum leaves

Talking about cherry trees, common cherry trees, with trees up to 10m tall, this is a long-lived tree, originating from Eastern Europe, Western Asia… areas with mild climates. . Cherry trees have white or pale pink flowers, while cherry leaves are small like plum leaves, thin, elongated at the top. The cherries are red, round in shape, and some are yellow or black. Today, in many countries around the world, people invest in planting cherries to serve the demand for wood.

Outstanding characteristics that cherry wood cherry wood has

Beautiful wood grain

Cherry wood is beautiful in color, has a beautiful grain, and is relatively soft and light. The color of the trunk often changes right from the heartwood. It is initially dark red and then gradually turns reddish brown. And in the sunlight they darken like the characteristic chocolate brown of  oak. (This type of wood has 2 types of white oak and red oak). The color of cherry wood changes gradually over time, the older the tree color becomes. If the heartwood is brown with a little greenish tinge, the more out of the wood, the lighter yellow color.

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The grain of cherry wood is straight and even, not undulating and soft like some types of  sassafras and holywood. The surface of the wood to the touch is smooth and smooth. Usually, in the gut, brown spots or bark sap will appear randomly. This shows good growth of the plant.

Light wood, good elasticity

Cherry wood cherry wood is soft and light, so they are easily cut by machine. What’s more, they have the grip of nails, and the ability to stick glue is quite good. Any product crafted from cherry wood. After sanding or painting, the color is pretty quick to dry. Just a little more polishing and the wood surface has become smooth and beautiful. In particular, the shrinkage elasticity of cherry wood is quite large, relatively stable after being dried.

The sapwood of cherry wood is vulnerable to termites. In contrast, the heartwood of cherry trees has long been evaluated as one of the most resistant to termites and pests. What’s more, they have a pretty good torsional resistance. However, the impact resistance is average.

Cherry wood is soft and light, so they are easily cut by machine

Pleasant woody scent

It has a pleasant, light, natural scent. Products made from cherry wood are considered extremely user-friendly, especially safe for children’s health.

The biggest advantage of cherry tree woodwork that any user can see is that: it is easy to clean, clean, it is not difficult to paint a layer or laminate the wood. The ability to resist worms and termites is quite good.

Another advantage of cherry wood: beautiful straight and even grain, smooth, smooth wood surface. After processing they are quite stable.

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However, cherry tree wood also carries a few disadvantages. That is, they have a rather high market price of wood. When directly affected by UV rays, the color of the wood becomes much darker than the wood age.

The application that cherry wood brings

Cherry tree wood is usually cut as a solid, not a trunk lump like nu. Thanks to that, it is strongly applied to produce household furniture products such as:

  • Wood carvings, kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, TV shelves, decorative ledges, roof doors, paneling, flooring, cabinetry, turning or carved wood.
  • Application in interior for school office such as: Making musical instruments due to its flat surface, beautiful color and smooth finish. Make student desks and chairs.
  • Applied in boat interior design.
Cherry wood bed set

Cherry wood with wood grain brings red color and luxurious wood color. Suitable for interior architectural design of high-class and upper-class spaces such as large commercial centers. Or luxury apartments, resort villas, hotels or villas…

Moreover, one can make use of the young leaves as well as the bark of the cherry wood to extract a very fragrant and effective essential oil.

Despite the high price, but cherry wood is still a good wood, beautiful wood grain, luxurious colors, diverse designs. Create a great space for your family’s apartment.