Applications Of Samu Wood In Life

For those who like handicrafts made from wood, it is certainly no stranger to samu wood. Samu  is a precious wood with many special features. Therefore, it is popular in the use of interior decoration.

Samu wood concept


Samu wood (also known as Samu, Samu) is a precious wood that grows in temperate and subtropical regions. This tree is mainly distributed around the Vietnam – China border area. Concentrated in border provinces such as Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Lang Son, Quang Ninh, Cao Bang, etc.

The samu tree grows well in places with loamy, well-drained soil, thick and well-drained soil. The pH concentration is greater than 5, the soil thickness is about 0.7-0.8m. They are not suitable for alkaline or saline soils. Which is mainly soil on shale, limestone, magma, mica, …

Gỗ samu
Samu wood grows well in places with loamy soil


The trunk of the samu tree is relatively large, about 30m high. The diameter of the tree can be up to 2-5m. Stem rounded, upright. The bark is gray-brown, with many longitudinal cracks interwoven from the top down. The branches grow in clusters of straight cylindrical leaves. The leaf blade is quite narrow and pointed, the edge of the leaf is serrated.

As the tree grows, more and more suckers will form around the base of the tree. In case of damage to the stem or roots, these suckers will quickly develop.

From there, a new stem is formed. The trunks of old trees are often brown, the bark is easy to separate to the red-brown core inside.

Ecological characteristics

The plant is adapted to light, but when young it needs to be shaded. Compared to other pointed-leaved species, this plant grows quite quickly. The tree does not stop budding in a row for 3 or 4 generations.

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This woody plant likes weather that is not too cold or hot for a long time. Need a place with a temperate climate, year-round temperature ranges from 16-19 degrees. The rainfall is over 1400m below 1900m, the average humidity of the months of the year is about 75%. Especially in places where light rays are scattered or thick with fog.

Among the groups of natural wood in the forest in Vietnam, samu wood is a type of wood belonging to group I. The identification characteristics are similar to Po Mu wood. Samu wood has a yellow-brown or reddish-brown flesh with a light aroma.

Wood mechanical properties quite very light, the grain is straight, the wood grain is sharp. At the same time, samu wood is also less susceptible to termites or insect pests from the inside. It is because of the above factors that this wood is extremely easy to sawn, polished or planed to smooth.

Uses of samu wood


Due to the nature of easy manipulation and polishing, it is preferred to be used to make high-class furniture. For example, tables and chairs, cabinets, wooden floors, columns, stairs, large doors, beds, reflectors…


Some highland provinces of Vietnam often use this type of samu wood to make statues. These statues are used to put in temples or worship at home.

In addition, samu wood is also used to make household items or wooden handicrafts. Especially samu wooden chopsticks are used in restaurants and in many homes. Also because of its aromatic properties along with being able to withstand pressure and high elasticity.

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Feng Shui

Besides yes wood specializes in making feng shui rings. This precious samu wood is often sculpted by artists into statues with different feng shui meanings. The most typical of which is the statue of the trio of Phuc – Loc – Tho. Or the Maitreya Buddha statue brings the meaning of peace and happiness to the family.

Ship building

Notable features are less susceptible to termites and lightweight, samu wood is also widely used in the shipbuilding industry. Often used as masts, mines, shipbuilding, etc.


In addition, the samu tree is also used to decorate in parks, streets, around offices. Because the straight trunk is beautiful and tall.

Making essential oils

There is no characteristic aroma like  lavender wood. Samu wood is still extracted to make essential oils in medicine. It has the effect of treating internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, skin diseases, burns or diseases of bones and joints.

The value of samu wood

Economic value

Depending on the number of years it brings different economic value. In addition, depending on the different time of the year, the price of this wood also has unexpected fluctuations.

This is due to the fact that this wood is quite rare, and its exploitation is also very limited. Their prices are extremely high, up to tens, hundreds of millions.

Application value

With many different advantages, samu wood is used to make many beautiful handicraft products. Also used in building boats as well as building houses, manufacturing furniture, furniture. Bring high profits to the people.