Characteristics of Camphor Wood in Furniture Interior Design

Camphor trees have strong stems with slightly rough bark and pale spots. The tree can grow up to 30m tall, longitudinally fissured. The feature that people are often referred to as  camphor wood is the effect of the scent that repels insects. However, the application of this wood is much more than that. Please refer to the article below about camphor wood.

Origin of camphor wood

Camphor wood, also known as disintegrating wood, is distributed mainly in the southern and southwestern regions of the Truong Giang. The most in Jiangxi province, Guizhou Taiwan. Unlike Southeast Asia, which is famous for pine wood to make furniture for seats, dining tables, and doors.

The camphor tree has smooth and glossy leaves, a waxy surface, and a camphor odor when crushed in the hand. In spring it produces light green leaves with many small white flowers. It produces black, berry-type fruits that grow in clusters about 1 cm in diameter. According to scientists, the characteristic scent of camphor is not harmful to humans.

Properties of camphor wood

Camphor wood has a hard and tough wood, stable wood, difficult to crack and difficult to deform. Large volume of wood, easy to use, makes a good material in architecture and furniture making, folk often use camphor wood to trim and decorate. And when choosing furniture, you need to understand the nature as well as how to recognize wood to avoid buying fake goods.

The surface of camphor wood is reddish brown and dark brown, with a shiny surface with beautiful iridescent grain. Especially the surface is like iridescent oil, emitting a fragrant camphor scent. Never fade, has the effect of repelling insects, worms, mildew, and antiseptic. Commonly used to make interior lining boards and decorative surfaces. Or crafting furniture such as chests, chests, prisons, etc.

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Live images of rounded wood blocks

Chests and cabinets made of Chinese camphor are famous at home and abroad. You just need to put the high-class clothes of fur, felt, silk, silk and picture books in the chest. There’s no need to add camphor tablets with a strong scent. Doing so is enough to make the objects stored in it. Not only is it free of insects and mold, but it also has a faint scent.

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