Is Cartridge wood Durable? Is It Easy To Be Eaten By Termites?

Wood spokes have been known and used in our country for hundreds of years. Although there are many types of imported wood on the market today. However, the car seat still retains its firm foothold.

Let’s find out if this wood has anything special? It is loved by many families. Besides, there are great benefits of this precious wood.

Growth characteristics and outstanding features of spokes wood

Wood spokes belong to the group of trees for timber. Just like  teak,  po mu…. The tree is distributed mainly in natural forests (primary forests, old forests). They are found in many areas: Buon Don, Ea Sup of Dak Lak. This is a light-loving plant, slow-growing and often deciduous in the dry season. The car seat when grown to an adult age can reach a height of 30-40 meters like chicken wood. The diameter is 60–80 cm and the lifespan is up to hundreds of years.

Wood spokes are classified in the group of rare woods

Wood spokes are classified in the group of rare woods for the following reasons:

  • High aesthetics: The wood has a prominent color, often with a yellow or dark red color. The car also has curving wood grain lines that create a beautiful feeling.
  • Outstanding durability: Resistant to termites and harmful insects, resistant to impact forces and high temperatures. Good weather resistance, waterproof and extremely sturdy.
  • Wood when newly harvested is very easy to process, but there is a small note that we should directly cut wood immediately. Because if left for too long, the wood will gradually dry out and be very hard. Then it is not possible to cut wood with ordinary hand tools. For best results, harvesting should be done immediately after the rainy season. Regular watering is recommended to protect the logs and prevent rapid drying.
  • Items made of spoked wood are often highly stable, do not deform and expand over time.
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The spokes are proven to have an outstanding shelf life. It has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, far more than conventional woods today.

Distinguishing spokes from other types of wood


The natural sapwood has a light yellow-brown color and gradually turns red-white when the tree is old. Heartwood is reddish brown, bright, beautiful and very luxurious. Processed spokes are usually slightly dark in color. After a long time of use, the wood color becomes deeper, crimson like the color of cockroach wings.

Wood after processing is usually slightly dark in color

Wood grain

The wood grain is very beautiful, the texture is good, the grain is large but very smooth, with unique wavy grains. The wood grain has an alternating striped shape and is generally not as prominent as other types of wood.

Wood texture

The spokes are very hard, heavy with a firm texture. The wooden body has high strength, good resistance to impact, compression and compression thanks to its large density. It is known that the wood is nearly twice as heavy as other types of wood such as oak, cedar, etc.


Tires have no characteristic smell or taste.

Natural durability

Natural wood products are durable and will not be damaged for many years. Tires have long been famous for their timeless durability, resistance to fungus and insect attack, especially against stem borers that cause cracking, breaking and warping of wood after a period of use.

The popular types of wood spokes on the market today are known as:   Lao car spokes, South African car spokes, Indonesian car spokes, Vietnamese car spokes, Cambodian car spokes… With affordable prices and outstanding advantages . This is a great choice for families with economic conditions and a hobby of fine wooden furniture.

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Car tires are a great choice for families with good economic conditions

High applicability of spokes wood in making furniture

Furniture made of car spokes is easy to maintain, durable over time thanks to its good resistance to rain and sun, termites and harmful insects.

For hundreds of years, spokes have been used to make important items such as railways, boat building, agricultural tools, and floors.… Today, thanks to its outstanding properties, people gradually Love the wooden furniture.

Not only brings outstanding utility, but wood spokes also increase the value of the house. In particular, this is a type of wood that can withstand the environment well and prevent attack from termites. Therefore, it is often used as a wardrobe, kitchen shelf, table and chair and bed … in the family.

The wooden surface is very suitable for polishing and staining, so it can be said that whatever wood is used to make is very durable and beautiful. In addition, it also has good sound and heat insulation, bringing great experiences to users.

Wooden car door

The color of the spokes also gradually changes over time. The wood is initially pale yellow. After a period of use, the wood grain will gradually turn to a deep red color, creating a feeling of sophistication, solemnity and nobility. Thanks to this unique point, many people choose car spokes to make the main door of the house. Many people believe that using a car door as a door will bring good luck and fortune to the people in the house.

Hardwood floors

sàn gỗ căm xe

In addition, with the dense distribution of wood molecules. It gives the spokes extremely good waterproofing and insulation. Therefore, spokes are also used to make floor boards. Flooring from this type of wood often helps to keep your house cool in the hot summer. But still full of warmth in the cold winter.

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Solid wood wardrobe

tủ quần áo gỗ căm xe

The model of a wooden wardrobe, if handled carefully, can reach a life of 25 years of use. Harmonious wood colors create a luxurious and modern interior space. You can choose from a variety of wardrobe designs from classic to modern minimalism. The decoration of the bedroom is now also easy when the price of the wooden wardrobe is reasonable, in the range of 10-15 million VND / monolithic cabinet.